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Is 8 inches NBP way above average?



Some of these posters are like Alzheimer victoms

They just keep on asking the same old question ad infinitum - hoping to get a different answer? - even though they know the answer from seeing all the “average size” threads

Sorry to bust your bubble

But looking at your pics, you ain’t anywhere near 8.5”
Fotos de mi miembro, por favor muevanlo a fotos de miembros

It’s length is barely 2 palm widths, using it as a reference point

Yeah, the whole “but how big is average, REALLY?” thing is getting old now. Study after study after study comes back with figures between 5” and 6”. If you’re talking about young healthy guys who can get a good erection and have little fat pad, it’s probably just under 6” lightly bone-pressed (as per the LifeStyles survey). So let’s say 5.5” NBP/6”BP.

Originally Posted by Vikingwhore
We live in the most dick obsessed decade EVER, on one of the most dick obsessed forums ever. Damn, I just felt a emptiness filling me.. This society we live in is a mediocre society where big words like brilliant, genius and so forth are thrown around for shit like the invention of ‘planking’( the lying down game,, hard!, FB!)

I know what you mean man. For me its not about sex or image. Personally I just would like more length to urinate easier. Literally almost everytime I use a restroom I have to stretch out my penis so I can piss. Otherwise, it can take a good while to come out. It really pisses me off! *Pun intended* :p


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