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Is 7 Inchs by 5.5 inchs large


I agree with thecrow19. Where are you seeing all these erect penises? How many have you seen for you to come to that conclusion?

I’d expect to hear this kind of talk from someone who is over 6 feet tall and a lot fatter. At 5’7” and 120 lbs, I’d imagine your dick must look like another arm.

Regardless, I still want to know where this line up of big dicks came from that you’ve decided to compared to yours.

[5/22/07 - BPEL( 7.875) - NBPEL ( 7.1875) - EG (4.75)] [8/22/07 - BPEL( 8.0) - NBPEL ( 7.5) - EG (4.875)]

[12/22/07 - BPEL( 8.1875) - NBPEL ( 7.625) - EG (4.875)] [4/22/08 - BPEL( 8.357) - NBPEL ( 7.75) - EG (5)]

Goal: To gain that evasive girth I so desperately need.

My guess is, someone is measuring from the A-hole? :)

7x5.5 is the size I want to get to, but I’ve been bouncing in and out for 4 years, never once got consistent with my workouts… :(

Current: 2/21/07: EL: 4.875" Eg: 4.875" FL: 3.0" Fg: 4"

Short Term Goal: EL: 5.125" EG: 5.125" FL: 3.5 FG: 4.125 ( Baby Steps)

Long Term Goal: EL: 7.00" EG: 5.5" FL 5.5" FG: 4.75"

I really just want to add a inch in length and a half inch in girth and I would be happy. I’m guessing if I dedicate my self that shouldn’t be to hard. I’m actually a tad over 7 but not much so I thought round down to 7. I’m 8 inch’s bp but I never understood bone pressed I’m 5’11 162 pounds and don’t have much of a fat pad. So I just measure what I see.

Originally Posted by HugeWang69
I’m 8 inch’s bp but I never understood bone pressed I’m 5’11 162 pounds and don’t have much of a fat pad. So I just measure what I see.

The point of BPEL measurement is accurate tracking of your gains.

That way you can see if your routine is working or not working.

You want to measure your PENIS, not fluctuations in your fat pad.

You fat pad fluctuates all the time — did you drink a lot of water today? did you eat a lot of salty doritos? etc etc. Mine varies between a 1/4 to a 1/3 and sometimes even 1/2 an inch because of stuff like that.

Water and Doritos have nothing to do with PE.

So that’s why people measure BPEL.


By the way, you are pretty much at my “I have reached my goal and am retiring from PE” stats. Just a little perspective for you on a beautiful Sunday morning.

I’m gonna go ahead and starting measuring BPEL instead of NBP. Man was I wrong.

AND measure BPFSL [Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length]- an even better indication of length gains because it doesn’t require erection cooperation.

If you have tunica/ septum issues then BPFSL can tell you the results of your PE regimen

Yeah this is the size that is above average and what I am hoping for mid to long term.

Started: NBPEL 5.5 == EG: 5

Current: NBPEL 7.5 == EG: 6

Goal: NBPEL 8 == EG: 6

I think it is a large penis. I feel that I have a large penis relative to my body size as well. I am 8.5 X 5.625 & 6’/200 lbs.

6 X 5(Jun 2002) ----> 8 7/8 X 6 (OCt 2009) -----> 9.75 X 6.0 (Goal)

'I think you will find that the one thing all big gainers have in common is tenacity.' ~Bib

It’s large.

Current stats march 2008= Nbel 6.75 Bpel 7.5 Eg 5.5

Goal by the end of next year Nbel 8.5 Eg 6.5

Those are my starting stats as well, looking to hit 7.5 or 8 long long term is 9


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