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Is 3 days a week enough for gains

Is 3 days a week enough for gains

I can only find time to PE 3 times a week. I’m starting with the newbie routine. Will that be sufficient to see any gains?

I don’t know if tha would be good enough for gains…………. but if that is the only chance that you can PE in a week………… That’s better than doing nothing

El Muchacho crece sano y Fuerte :D !!! jejejeje

You won’t know if you won’t try. Some see more gains with less days of workout while some with more days. It’s different for everyone. I guess 3 times a week would be suffice for a newbie. Good Luck buddy!

Anything is better than nothing, and besides it would allow ample time for recovery between workouts which is always a good thing.

I would say though, don’t try to “make up” for not being able to do PE more often by doing it more intensely because that’s how you get injured… and no one wants an injured dick right?

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