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Is 18 too young to start

Is 18 too young to start

I heard that you grow till your 21. Does that mean that you should wait until then?

If it is, would you say doing kegels is risky?


Wow, so how old were you when you joined the site back in 2007?

I don’t think there’s a concrete age where people stop growing. It just depends on your genetics. As far as waiting goes, that’s up to you. I personally don’t think 18 is too young to start a lifetime of making your penis healthier and potentially bigger. But maybe younger guys should take it easier in order to avoid hampering with natural growth. I’d keep it to jelqs and stretches. You may find that those are all you need to reach your desired goals.

I’m 19 now and I started PE 6 months ago, when I was 18. My routine consisted in jelqs and stretches with good warming-ups. I think you should do the same. I haven’t had any inconvenience and I have earned 2cm so far in length.

Do the basics, add some more time, some variants and never give up warming-up. You shouldn’t get any weird surprises.

Some people grows till 21, some until 18, everyone is different. :)

I also started at 18, with purely newbie routine(Stretch and jelqs only) for 3 years.Take it slow and easy. I am learning how to do hanging now. :)

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A premise for not starting would be that PE hinders natural growth, which would seem very odd to me at least.

Heavens no! 18 is a great age to start in my opinion.

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Originally Posted by Pushin It
A premise for not starting would be that PE hinders natural growth, which would seem very odd to me at least.

One problem starting earlier is the possibility of getting scar tissue(on which you don’t know how much PE can get you that or not) and this could hinder full growth. Just a guess.

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Sounds like a medical question. All I can think is that I wish I started younger.

It’s not too young. I started sometime around 17. I wish I’d have kept it up. By the way, men stop growing around age 24-27. If you’re still growing, it should be easier to help your dick grow. I had quick easy gains and a beautiful cock. Mine is still beautiful but not so long. :-)

Also, time wise, it will probably be easier to do now when you’re younger.

No I don’t think it’s too young. I stRted when I was 21 and have gained some in a year and a half. By the time I’m 25 I will have the penis of my dreams. Invest 3 years in this and you will be set! They normally recommend the newboeneoutine for 3 months. I’d at least do the newbie routine for 6 months and go super light! You will probably have natural growth along the way so dot screw that up by going hard!

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