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IR Heat. Which substances are unsafe to heat?

IR Heat. Which substances are unsafe to heat?

So I’m getting into IR for manual stretches, but I’d also like to use it for pumping, extender use, and edging. I wonder if I should be concerned about heating various lubricants that would be rubbed into the skin, whether petroleum based or otherwise. Even more I wonder about using IR heat while pumping.

I don’t have a great deal of knowledge about BPAs or other plastic health concerns, but the idea of my penis being placed in a vacuum surrounded by heated plastic for extended periods of time does make me worry a little bit. I guess I don’t really know at what temperature plastic release any sort of compounds or fumes, much less when it’s dangerous. Does anyone here think that they might have some insight? I also wonder about applying heat to an extender, which is made of metal and plastic.

Dude I see your point but, why don’t you use an water pump, then you can fill it up with hot water instead of lub or whatever, and you could keep it simple like using the rice sock after and before you put the extender, I mean too much of one thing is bad

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First, SHIELD YOUR NUTS. Something white like a tshirt would work.

Second, I’d say just go by feeling. Start with a small amount of whatever lube you’re using to test, then go from there. I’d stay away from heating the plastic. Nasty. Metal? Damn, that’ll leave some grill marks on your unit.

Thirdly, use good judgement. Don’t cook your sausage, unless you’re into that sort of thing then by all means have your own personal weenie roast.

FYI: The above are what I hope are common sense assumptions. I’m not a PE pro/guru/god/legend/deity, I’m just a dude pulling on his dick.

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Well I have a bathmate, and for a few reasons I find it more difficult to use than a good manual pump. Also, when I have filled it with hot water, I find that the heat of the water fades fairly quickly. It’s’ still warmish, but not a good constant level of heat.

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