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IR Heat Lamp UV Solution

IR Heat Lamp UV Solution

Hey there to all PE’ers. I just purchased my Heat Lamp and 250 watt bulb at Walmart for under $20. Anyways to get to my point I keep reading posts in regards to people that are concerned with risk associated with exposure to the IR Heat Lamps, especially to the testicle area. I have an idea that I think might possibly work. If we perhaps were to buy a sunblock with the highest UV ray protection and rubbed on our testicles, thighs and any other body part that may be exposed besides the penis, perhaps we can reduce the exposure to the UV rays. Thus enabling us to reduce any risk associated with the IR Heat Lamp approach. Tell me what you guys think or if this has already been attempted.

I don’t really see the problem with a rice bag- rather that than have my future kids shrivelled.

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IR and UV are on opposite sides of the spectrum, right?

Light spectrum has different wavelengths: UVA, UVB, visible, and infrared. I do not know of any suncreen that protects against infrared radiation.

Originally Posted by Bologna Bone
IR and UV are on opposite sides of the spectrum, right?

Not sure about opposites, but they’re in different wave lengths and affect the body in different ways.

UVA is the main contributer to sun burn. Sunscreen and sunblock will prevent sunburn.

UVB and UVC according to some studies, are the main contributors to cancerous growth. From what I’ve seen in newspapers and television it’s believed sunscreen increases the risk of cancer due to the chemicals used to absorb the UV rays. Sunblock on the other hand is designed to reflect light rather then absorb it.

Infra Red. Well, I’m not too educated in that department.

Sunscreen and sunblock won’t stop heat generating on the surface of your skin. So this won’t stop your balls from getting hot. Probably better off putting a cold object between your testicles and the heat source and let that absorb the heat.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

The spectrum goes Radio waves > infrared (IR = heat) > visible colour spectrum > UV > X-Ray etc.

Heat is safe, it vibrates our cells so they heat up but don’t mutate.

I agree! Sunblocks only block UV rays and not Infrared light but nevertheless, you can try other heating methods if you’re still bothered.

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