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Involuntary kegel contractions

Involuntary kegel contractions

When I am aroused I experience involuntary kegel contractions. These often happen when the urethra exit or the head are touched. I have learned through the years that these contractions are what leads me to ejaculate. During sex I try to resist these involuntary contractions to get some more “game time”, some times I can do that, some others I cannot.

These contractions are also very annoying when stretching. If I am even slightly aroused, pulling the head to stretch will lead to this contractions and the subsequent flow of blood, making it impossible to stretch more.

Have ever experienced these involuntary kegel contractions? Is there a name for them? What do you do to avoid them?

Hi elasticity. Sorry I have no helpful advise.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I did experience that problem when I started to Kegel. In my case was because I used to kegel during masturbation or frequently during sex in a way to rush the awesome sensations that come before the orgasm.

Practice avoiding kegels during masturbation or sex and remember that after each Kegel a full relaxation of the muscle is a must as it is with every other exercise.

I experience that too I think it’s normal when you got a hard on, but it really doesn’t cause me much trouble, if you are about to cum and kegel then it will engage a chain reaction and you’ll start kegelling a lot involuntary till you finally cum, but if you are almost there and kegel and hold maybe you can prevent from cum to soon but sometimes you reach the point of no return and then even if you kegel and hold you’ll end up cumming I think that’s what happens to you, it’s all about timing sometimes you hold on the right moment sometimes you don’t

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