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Iv been lurking on the forum for about a year now..
In 2003 I PE’d for about 2 months when I was living away from my girlfriend.
Routine was 4 days on, 2 days off for about 40 mins each session +10mins warmup, 10minsheatwrap to finish off. I definately saw a difference during that time but when my girlfriend came home I think the proof was in the pudding as she said I had become BIG.. Eeehe.. Anyway ever since then I have hardly done any PE’ing.. Lost most of the gains (initial gains so obviously they disappeared)

Come may 2005 and I have decided to start again, it’s been a week since I started and I had to take a break of 4 days because of a blister that developed(nothing ot do with PE) now I’m starting up again.. I have some pics from my last JELQ session a few days agi and I would like to post them.

Also are video’s allowed on the forum ?


Oh yeah I forgot, is there a number of posts you need complete before you can post in the PICTURES section ? Cos I tried and it didnt allow me.

You’ll need to have been here for at least two weeks and have posted twenty times before you can post outside the new members’ area.

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What are your stats? Judging by your Username I’d imagine you’re HEEEUUUUUUUGE! LOL.

Welcome to Thunders anyway..

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

@Kog & slackjaw :: thanks for the info :)

@Drilla, I’m no where near huge broa.. :-/
My girl thinks I’m big ;-p lets see what she has to say in another 2 years. I about 4.x flaccid and 6.5” erect, and decent girth will read the forum guidelines on measurement and post somethign accurate.

Thanks again

Umm those measurements were done soon after a workout so I’m guessing my flaccid has showed up higher than normal.. Probably my erect lenght might not have been at it’s peak. But I really doubt I’m much bigger than 6.5” lolz

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