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No, no, I haven’t measured a 9”er…. but I may as well have. My account just got activated to thunders place and I believe it’s possible to get a bigger cock.

I’ve been following and thundersplace on and off for over 6 months now, and have finally decided to take the plunge, do something about my little guy and earn the title of tug_monkey.

I’m 24 year old, 5’7” tall (or short… heh heh) and my measurements hover around 6.750” ebpl, 5.250” eg (mid shaft). I’m going to take solid measurements and get the numbers exact, but more than that, I’m going to go against the grain and measure DAILY, keeping a detailed log of my progress (PE, WORKOUT, STORIES) and create a PDF that will hopefully someday help or entertain another newbie. Besides, a log will help keep me on the path to my goal.

What is the goal? The goal is 8” enbps, 6” eg (midshaft). The reason I want to measure non-bone pressed length is simply because that’s the portion that is visible. For my height I believe that’s a nice big cock; the perfect size really.

Why do I want to do all this? Honestly? I’ve always wanted to do some nude modelling or visit a nude beach! I know that a huge cock doesn’t equal confidence, but I’m fairly self-concious and it’ll be one less thing on my mind, thus allowing me to enjoy myself more. I also wouldn’t mind the ego-boost associated with a) buying large condems, b) ladies commenting on my chubby son c) catching people glancing at my bulge.

ANYWAY, I just thought it’d be nice for me to introduce myself, considering that I’ll be posting here from now on.


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Hi tug_monkey,

Nice to meet you.

You are starting above average which is great.

I’m also a believer in good measurement but daily seems a bit intense you may find a bit of up and down motion dependent on how warm and relaxed your penis is, but I look forward to the pdf.

Whats your LOT? Thats got to be something it would be good to measure too as you progress.

Good luck and best of gains to you, I guess you already know what you are doing if you’ve been reading for 6 months :)

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

At 5’7” if you are lean, your cock probably already looks impressive. If you are a fast gainer you will meet and set new goals within 6 months. Good luck.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Welcome aboard, soldier.
I see you’ve already had alot of theory and tactical training. Now it’s time to put this knowledge to work in the field. Now go fire your weapon!

Quick.. March!
hup, 2, 3, inches, hup 2, 3, 4…..

Welcome tug_monkey! :thumbs:

Welcome to the board… I had the same measurements like you, and that would be cool to see a log of all your activities in PE.

I’m looking forward to it. I already do something alike, but weekly…


Re: Introduction

Originally posted by tug_monkey

Why do I want to do all this? Honestly? I've always wanted to do some nude modelling or visit a nude beach! I know that a huge cock doesn't equal confidence, but I'm fairly self-concious and it'll be one less thing on my mind, thus allowing me to enjoy myself more. I also wouldn't mind the ego-boost associated with a) buying large condems, b) ladies commenting on my chubby son c) catching people glancing at my bulge.

Hi tug_monkey…Welcome to the forum!!!
Funny…never thought of nude modeling but I always thought about being one of those famous Chippendale’s Male Dancers…(just for the experience)
OK OK OK…its for the scores of women that will be caressing my body and passing me notes with their phone numbers on it all night long.
A nice bulge would certainly go a long way in driving them crazy!!! :chuckle:
I hope you realize your goals here!

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Haha! Gotta love it! Only one day has passed and already I feel welcome!

Although I’m very trim (medium build), my member feels really small. Over the past couple of months and detailed analysis, I have narrowed it down to a handful of reasons.

1) All this damn hair. It’s like a forest down there! My razor blade consumption has declined somewhat, but my shampoo consumption has nearly doubled. The downside is a smaller looking king-ding-a-ling. The upside is I can now create a wig or stuff a small cusion.

2) My balls. I’ve got a weird problem of balls that constantly stay tucked under my member. Every so often, they hang nicely and my gizzer-gazzer hangs as well. Most times, though, my balls do not hang (as if they were cold) causing my unit to ‘point’, decreasing it’s asthetic value tremendously. I suspect some scrotum/ball stretching should take care of this, so I’m not worried.

3) I’m a grower, not a shower (uh… show-er). My pud looks average when I’m fully erect, but when I’m completely flacid, it looks as though it belongs on a 13 year old. It’s really thin and really short. I anticipate that tugging, jelquing, etc. will first affect flacid size. After my first two official work-outs, I’ve noticed a nice increase in flaccid size. My little guy seems to like it, as I think I noticed a smile as he watched me shaving this morning! ;)

4) Girth. I know that my unit would look so much better if it were just thicker. The skinnyness almost hides the fact that it’s long. I notice that I don’t notice length as much if I’m looking at a picture of another guys dinky.

That brings me to my next point. I’m heterosexual! Haha.. Just thought I’d paint a more complete portrait of the tug_monkey. Gay guys are cool too! Gay women (the hot ones) are even better, though…


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Hi tug_monkey,

why don’t you just use an electrical shaver for shaving instead of the razor blades you are talking about in your post. You could either get one with a power cord or - like I did - a battery-powered one. You only have to buy it once and you can use it for several years. Razor blades on the other hand wear off after a few days/weeks.

For the past couple of months, I have been using a beard trimmer, which I use to shave all hair off my shaft, balls and wherever else that darn hair grows. The beard trimmer is a Philips make, it’s SAFE, it works great and I feel comfortable enough to recommend it to anyone on this forum.

I generally feel that my penis looks somewhat bigger after I shave it. Another cool thing is that the jelquing exercise is a lot easier to do with a freshly shaved penis.

Greetings, pe_dude


Daily PE routine:

a) 2 min towel hot-wraps
b) 180 PC exercises
c) 6 x 1 min straight stretches
d) 2 min towel hot-wraps
e) 400 jelqs
f) 2 min towel hot-wraps

+ 2 Vigrx penis enlargement pills ( in morning/evening

Hey tug_monkey welcome aboard. Can’t add much to your post; you’ve been lurking for a while. Glad to see that you’re gonna take the plunge. Great bunch of guys and gals to help you succeed.

Your starting stats are good, go for it…

Start 2/1/03 FBP: L: 3.25", G:3.00" EBP: L: 5.85", G:4.25" 7/7/03 FBP: L: 5.50", G:5.25" EBP: L: 7.00", G:5.25"

That’s some good advice, bud. I’ve since used clippers (vibrating edge that trims hair) to trim my little feller’s beard. He’s baby smooth (well at least compared to what he was before) and man-o-man what a difference! My unit looks THAT much larger (though still not large enough :) ) and it is very comfortable down there. Guess what mom? No more ingrown hairs….

tug’s mom: “what the hell are you talking about?!” .. haha… Anyway….

Dude, you’re my new personal hero. I read your wonderful greeting (thanks by the way) and then saw your stats. My jaw hit the floor. What’s so impressive is that you’ve grown 1 inch in an incredibly short 2 months! Wow! I can only hope I gain that fast….

The story would have been so much more exciting if my Dillz hit the floor instead of my jaw.. One day… <evil laugh>

Anyway…. Congrats on the the size. I’m happy to report that since I’ve started PE, I’ve noticed a couple of exciting things. It’s only been a couple of days, but I’m seeing progress! No, my cock doesn’t measure any longer (or the increase is too small to tell) but my flacid girth is _much_ improved (it’s noticable, my cock looks a LOT thicker). My flacid length is much improved. Remember how I said I was a grower not a show-er? Well, my little guy hangs rather than leans. My length is more indicitive of my size. Lastly, I’ve noticed that I can stretch my johnson farther than when I started. It’s about 1/8th of an inch. I know it won’t be long untill that progress starts creeping into my regular erections!

Woo hoo!


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

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