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Introduction to me

Introduction to me

Hello all.
I’m saying hello as I’ve just joined this forum, after waiting over Christmas for it to be open to new memberships. I’ve been engaging in some sort of PE activity since October, but it hasn’t been that consistent and I was dubious about gains. Having had a pretty good read around this forum, I can tell that there are gains to be had so it seems like a continued enthusiasm with the newbie routine is in order. In truth, my old routine was something akin to the newbie routine anyway (warmup, stretches, then 200 jelqs, warm down) but I wasn’t that good with consistency.
I have had sever self confidence issues relating to my penis size since I was about 11 or 12 and have no doubt that it has had some responsibility for the long depression I am trying to get myself out of. I feel that by tackling both my mental problems (through therapy) and addressing the issue of my cock size head on HOPEFULLY I’ll end up a happier man because of it!
I’m going to keep at the newbie routine for now, but am seriously considering some kind of extender to work alongside this. I’ve had a peek about in the reviews but can’t really tell if one is better than the others or if they really are such a great deal.. If you feel like commenting on this, let me know. In the meantime, happy new year and I hope to get to know some of you better before long

All the best


Welcome Dave!

Stay with the counseling man. Depression is a very, very serious thing.

Having a bigger penis may make you feel a little better about yourself, but it can’t cure depression.

You are making a great step by having hope. Everyone needs to have hope.

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Welcome to the forum, gonnagetbig.

Try to find different way to keep yourself motivated so you can be consistent in your PE endeavours.

Wait until you pretty much exhausted all you manual gains before you get an ADS.

Good luck.

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I want introduce myself and felt it is better to not start a whole new narcissistic thread. I have been doing PE steady for a year and a half and have gained an inch on girth and an inch on length. I am now roughly 6+inch nbp erect and 5.5 inch girth average. The base 2 inches of my cock is 6 inches girth and growing. And my gains have not stopped. I never did length much for the first year and have just begun to grow length. Manual stretches and near erect jelqing. I now do a routine now of 45 minutes to an hour of manual stretches one day with 20 minutes of stretching straight down in there to simulate hanging. The next day 45 minutes to an hour of intense jelqing. 5 days a week sometimes 7 days. My GF has stated that it has gotten huge especially the girth. It surprised her when I whipped it out after not seeing her for a month. My lot is at 11 o’clock. This stuff works but it requires massive effort and time. Lots of warming up. Since I started the hanging simulations for 20 minutes the base has grown considerably. Girth is indeed what they want. The health of it is amazing. At full erection it is straight up and bloated. It works for sure. The tunica straight up stretch is great and works for girth. Thank and hope to talk to you all again. Thank you and have a great day.

Good luck and welcome to the forum. You’ll probably find that this place is a lot of different things to everyone here. It’ll help you in your goal of having a bigger penis, but hopefully, you’ll also find a place where you can participate as much, or as little, as you wish in a whole variety of different forums. This is a really supportive bunch of people, so let us all help you. Best wishes.

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Thanks for your warm welcome. I think I’m just going to take aom91’s advice and try and stick to a rigid routine before spending any money or whatever. I’ll let you know how I get on!

That’s some good advice, remember that consistence is the key to gaining. And a good warm up as well. Welcome to Thunders Dave, make sure you stay safe and don’t over do it.

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I now I understand ‘LOT’. There was llots of debate on this subject.

LOT is pretty simple to understand and basically gives an idea of how the penis exits thru the pelvis.

I believe high ‘LOT’ guys would tend to have some “slack” in the unit that gets released with stretching
of the ligaments.

Low ‘LOT’ would not have much of this “slack” to release.

The ‘LOT’ test just allows you to determine how the ligimaent has leverage on the shaft.

Being that, I have a 10 o’clock LOT. And when I dig in the fat pad and follow the shaft to the “root”, its kinda like there is slack in there that could be released.

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