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Introduction and a few questions

Introduction and a few questions

Hey lads, just saying hello for the first time and thanking everyone for their input on this site. I’m sure I’m not alone in appreciating such an effort towards boosting ones self esteem, and it’s very comforting to know that others share some of the same fears, thoughts and emotions as I do. Feeling alone on this subject since the day dot isnt very pleasant!

I have a million and one questions but ill try to keep it brief, for now :) . 2 years ago I decided to lose weight as I considered it to be the main reason for my non existant self esteem. 1 year later I lost 50 kg to be at the lower end of my ideal weight for my height. Suffice to say it has changed my life completely, forever. The sense of achievement still overwhelms me and certainly motivated many around me (much like these forums!) to do likewise. Many changes in my life occured as a result and I assure anyone that the massive effort required is worth every last minute. However my self esteem is still extremely low for reasons obvious, as I’ve joined this forum!

Currently I am 7” EL x just under 5” girth. BPEL I’m over 7” though I don’t really use this measurement as thats not the length thats used during the act. I’ve never been fussed on the length however the girth annoys the piss out of me. Flaccid is another story again. I’m about 3” but no girth whatsoever to the point of when wearing underwear not much can be seen at all. I’m a very tall bloke, athletic with muscle definition so it can tend to look rather odd and I’m really getting sick of the questions asked about it. I mean as adults we approach it maturely but eventually it can wear thin, scuse the several puns used!

Anyhow, more to the point, I find when I do stretchs it seems theres no way in hell any size could be gained. Because theres no real volume to my ol fella when flaccid, I suspect not much gains can be had girth wise. Is this the same for anyone else? My erections have always been rock solid so to me it seems theres not much room to move as the skin already looks fully stretched.

Hopefully this makes sense and somone else is built similar to myself and could share their experience. Thanks heaps for any and all help and for the support of everyone here. It’s about bloody time blokes helped each other in a similar fashion to our fairer counterparts :)

Hi 7x5bloke

Welcome to the forum :)

First off well done on losing weight :thumbs: It must feel great, and so will the huge dick you’ll have if you put as much effort into this as you did that :D .

Have you been warming up? I find this really helps my unit get ready for a PE session, seriously you should just stick with the newbie routine for a few months

Newbie Routine

A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

You will gain if you stick at it, stretching and jelqing should also loosen up the skin. Penis Skin.

Not sure if I’ve missed anything. If I have then don’t be afraid to just ask, but don’t forget the search either (top right)

Good luck, Jesse

Hey 7x5,

Welcome to Thunder’s. We all feel the same way about this place. It’s just awesome.

Great news on the weight loss. :up: As far as the growth question, don’t worry about the skin. It will stretch to accomidate a bigger size. I know it doesn’t seem like you have the volume but that is why you are here. It can and will grow if you are patient and dedicated. Stick with it and you’ll be fine. Good luck to you.


Welcome. I am a newbie also so I know how it feels to think certain things wont work but lately I have noticed my flacid hang and certainly my girth is now visable from the things I thought wouldnt work.

Keep up the good work and it’ll pay off.

Beginning mesurements

6'3 bpel

5'6 girth

Thanks for words of encouragement, they mean alot. It’s funny how something in your life can have such an impact, and to know that theres a possibility to change it makes a big difference. As I said it’s sort of comforting to know that you’re not alone too.
If I can improve the way I look when flaccid, ill be more than happy. I have just seem to have woken up to the fact (for many reasons) that I look very unhealthy in that region, anything that I can do will do wonders for my outlook on life.

Thanks again guys, good luck with your vision of I think in most cases it’s got nothing to do with size, it’s feeling of happiness and fulfillment we least thats the case with me :)
Will keep up to date and in touch :)


Thanks again guys, good luck with your vision of I think in most cases it’s got nothing to do with size, it’s feeling of happiness and fulfillment we least thats the case with me
Will keep up to date and in touch

I came to that same conclusion through some deep thinking about myself and where I’m at in this world recently, in the end what matters most to a person should be being happy. Of course this can never alwasys constantly be fullfilled which is good but learning how to be happy and find happiness is a great thing, something I still am working on…

Hope you get your bigger flaccid.

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