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Hello all,

I am planning on doing a full intro this week as I have time. I’m pretty into pumping and stretching - not weights, but with the JECS Extender. To be honest, I know I’m going to have to start the exercises.
I also have a bunch of pics that I think will help people allot - tactics for pumping - configuration etc - pics and review of my stretcher.. I also have a million questions but I want to make sure I read all the rules and not get flamed, the intention is to really be a valuable contributor and also learn a ton from the experienced. I’m tall, and my cock is OK, every woman says oh my it’s huge - but I’m thinking that’s the standard line they all say - In my opinion my dick is a joke and for a guy my size I need a monster. The video thunder did kick ass and I need a fat long strong (hey that rhymed) cock like that, and I’m hell bent to get it.

I DO HAVE ONE QUICK IMMIDIATE QUESTION - I am in a pump session right now, but earlier I went out and got all the gear for a an extreme ULI - is it safe or make any sense to do an extreme ULI right after a pump session?? I’d love a quick answer on this before I remove the tube.. I’ll probably throw the stretcher on for a while if a ULI doesn’t make sense.

Let me know if you have an opinion.


I think (ten minutes after your post - you still in there? can you hear me?) - that you have to decide for yourself if you are conditioned enough for exteme Ulis. Any extreme exercise is a risk for men not contitioned to it. Keep in mind that the down time for healing from an injury is PE Dead Time. If an injury, that can go on for many days, weeks. Always take the senible route. You only have one cock.



Thanks, I know you are a pro, I have read many great posts by you - to me a Uli doesn’t seem a hell of a lot different than a pump, but I don’t have my facts straight probably.. After a good pump I’m a little bloated and a good stiffie has to be coaxed.I have all the hardware as shown in the video and I’m dying to try - maybe the key is just not tightening it to an absurd level

Also after a pump, the lymphs are pumped up so this may make a uli even a worse idea - not sure..

Can’t wait to post all my info an the several pics I made - the cock, the pump, how I use the pump (special bat belt!) and the stretcher .. All good stuff..



It’s too late. I went for it. I didn’t tighten in to the point of being absurd. I did try a “pussified” extreme Uli and I modified it - I’m doing tricks right off the bat! I took photos so it can be documented.. Who did those videos - that persons cock is what I aspire to.. At home depot the guy in the plumbing section where I was looking for the goods says “what are you trying to get done?” and I replied “ever heard of a ULI?” I knew he hadn’t so I told him it concerned doing an art piece, which is true..

I think I may have put the intial clamp too low, it seemed like I had a bit too much bulge above the balls - maybe the erection wasn’t sufficient to start it.. I also just used a basic clip type clamp and moved it up and down a couple times, it seemed to be a decent experience.

What bums me out a little, is that whether I’m pumping or stretching, at the end, my cock retreats back immediately as if to say “fuck you - if you do that shit to me I’ll rebel and get smaller!”

I’m gonna do more reading, I already have been for days in preparation to post, but I need to study more.. Seems like a big key for length is stretching the ligs, and I think you have to pull really hard to get that to actually happen, I don’t think I pull hard enough. I’ll settle on a routine and get started this week - I bought some heat producing KY for jelqs but it doesn’t seem slipper enough really, so I probably need baby oil or Vaseline. Also hot wraps seem like a pain in the ass, I need to settle on a simple method of the several mentioned.

I have so many questions and comments I really need to organize them and track them on my end and place them in the right spots. I also need a place to post my pics and learn how to link them, I’m sure there is a tutorial on this someplace.

I’m dying to get info on my pump tube size, I think it’s too big, lots of free space once you get above the base - I need something that gets tightened around the whole cock more and stretched since I need length mainly.. I am also uncut, but it’s not a real extreme anteater, but that damn foreskin bloats and swells on me during a good pump session and I’m not using super extreme pressure..

Ok, I’m rambling, need to organize and not waste people’s time..

Anyway - I’m stoke to become a member and looking forward to when I have an 8+ woodie and I prepared to put in the time.


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