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Intro and Question

Intro and Question

Hi folks. I am just getting started with this PE thing, giving it a go and seeing if it helps. I come in with the usual skepticism, but the folks on this forum have made me pretty optimistic that this stuff works. I plan only to do exercises and am looking for moderate gains. There’s no hurry.

I do something like the beginner routine 2 on / 1 off, and have been doing this for about a week or so. So it’s like this - warm up, stretches for a few minutes, jelqs (I’m current at 125 per day), then warm down. I break up the jelqs 25 overhand, then 25 underhand (palm up), and alternate every 25. I eventually plan to ramp up to 300 jelqs per day.

Sometimes, particularly for the underhand / palm up jelqs, I feel a pinch near the base of the penis on the right side. It’s a little worse with the right hand jelqs. It can feel irritated for a while afterward. This isn’t a severe pain, mind you, but rather like a sharp pinch where the base meets the scrotum. I do notice that there’s a rather prominent vein over there. It’s not enough to make me stop as I have no real ill effects (so far), but I want to obviously make sure I don’t injure myself or do any damage.

So my questions - Is this normal? Am I possible doing something wrong? Will I eventually be “conditioned” enough where this won’t happen? Could this be from squeezing too hard or gripping wrong or something like that? Any advice here is appreciated.


Do you feel that only when you are jelqing? ‘A pinching’ call for a ‘It’s a hair pulled’ knee reflex answer.

No, it can persist a bit after jelqing too. Feels more internal, just under the skin. I have trimmed up the hairs.

That could be a little strain to ligs or tunica albuginea. I think you are applying too much force.

Thanks, I’ll take it a little easier and see. You think it’s too tight a grip, or too much on the stretch?

Hard to guess. Too much pressure on jelqs should give some discomfort to the glans too; but twisting the penis when jelqing, for example, can strain small areas of the tunica. So to be safe better to assume both stretch and jelq should lighten up I think.

Chances of serious injuries are unlikely, but you are making your penis tougher so you could have low gains in the future if you don’t lighten up.

Easy up on your pecker..its the only one you have..don’t squeeze to to hard just enough to feel the blood being pushed up towards the glans..

That’s my unprofessional opinion.. I can tell you this much doing 300 jelqs is hard.. I was at one time doing 1000 jelqs a day, 500 in the morning 500 when I got home from work.. I’m surprised that I never injured poor little pecker was taking a sh!t kicking from me! Don’t over do it..If you start to feel pain take a day off or 2.

Thanks for the tips guys. I’m thinking I’ll get it up to 150 (I’m at 140 now) and hold it there for a while. I’ll also ease up on the death grip :)

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