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Intro and Progress or lack thereof

Intro and Progress or lack thereof

I haven’t posted yet but wanted to inquire since I seem to have had minimal progress in the past 2 months.

I started back in January. Initial measurements were:

NBPEL: 13cm
BPEL: 14.5cm
MSEG: 14cm

I am working primarily with the newbie routine. I started with 10 minutes of warm-up (I use a mug of warm water since I got used to that years ago after getting pierced), 300 strokes of jelq, and 10 minutes of stretching. I do that in a 2-on/1-off pattern.

After a month, my BPEL had increased to 15.5cm. I had also worked up to 500 strokes of jelq and 12 minutes of stretching. My routine became a bit erratic through February, though, so the lack of gains afterwards was not surprising. I got back on track last month (March). Nonetheless, unless I really squint at it, there has been no change since that initial 1cm gain in January. It kinda has me wondering if I just made some measuring error.

I should note that, although I am circumcised, I have partially restored my foreskin and, thus, have a fair bit of loose skin (enough to cover my glans when flaccid and wearing briefs). I think it might interfere slightly with my technique, but I am unsure. Also, I doubt this is meaningful, but I would regularly have slight edema after my routine during that initial month but that has gone away. Maybe I changed something without realizing?

Anyone have some insight or advice? I’m aiming for a goal of 18cm and was initially excited by my gains, but have been disappointed lately.

1 cm sounds a bit too much to be a measurement error. I would stay on the same routine for another month, then if you have no gains nor in length neither in girth, time to change something.

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