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Intro a couple of q's

Intro a couple of q's

Hi there!

I learnt about TP a few years ago after talking with my dad after a gym session, so I’m going to take a guess and say he’s a member here, too, but I’m not sure on his username…Since then, I’ve been an on again/off again lurker for no other reason than I couldn’t hold a routine together for my own good. I’m a bit older and wiser now (at my grand old age of 22), and as I’ve been sticking with PE for a little while, I’ve decided to join up and take part in the community!

I’ve been using the ‘newbie routine’ since December, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, but I’m looking at starting something a bit more advanced (ADS possibly). I started taking everything seriously around February when I did my first measurements, and since then I’ve gained about half an inch in length and a cm in girth.

I’m aiming for 8” x 6” overall, currently I’m at 6.25-6.5” BPEL (for some reason, it varies?) and 3” NBP flaccid. Ideally, I’d like something in the region of 4-5” as NBP flaccid length.

So, my questions…do any of you have suggestions for someone who is in the middle of the ‘just starting out’ stage but looking to move on, and do you prefer/recommend one particular method over another? I look forward to any advice you can give me :-)

PS. Sorry for the long rambling first post


Yeah man.

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If you’re still gaining on the Newbie Routine, keep doing it.

Have you looked into the Linear Newbie? That could keep you going for quite some time.

Are you gunning more for length or for girth at the moment?

Read LongVehicle’s OLF/OLR stuff. He developed it with clamping in mind, but it works wonders with jelqing based routines as well. It’s where I got most of my gains from. Check out my thread in the Members Pics section for a manual exercise routine that worked for me.

Ultimately, only you know if you are conditioned enough for more advanced routines.

Stick with the good ol’ Newbie if it’s still working.

You DO NOT WANT to do an advanced routine if you DO NOT HAVE TO. Advanced routines are what guys are forced to do when the quick, easy, gains run out from basic routines. Advanced routine does not = better, and does not = faster gains.

Good luck my man.

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