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Intersted in Girth Surgery


Dude having someone meddle with your dick with a scalpel is an option few of us will have the courage/craziness to undertake.I salute your courage.Anyways that said haven`t you gained a lot of girth from PEing .I hope your surgery goes well though.

Yes, I’ve gained over an 1 1/2 inches in girth in only about 4 months time (2 inches while clamped). I stay around 6 1/4 - 6 1/2 at mid shaft, 7 when clamped. It is however mostly in the midshaft. My glans and base are still a little small and I’m not sure alloderm girth surgery would even help in the glans enlarging department.

I’ve tried about everything PE and I must say that clamping is an awesome exercise. Results have been pretty dramatic. While i’m always busy with work and school, I’m lazy at the same time, and this surgery does sound appealing. I’ll most likely not risk it until it’s perfected. But the prudent thing for me now (and everyone else thats intersted in surgery) is to learn as much about it as possible and i appreciate you guys for the help on this. Sincerly, joezzee


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