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Intersted in Girth Surgery

Total newbie/first timer, but will weigh in on surgical augmentation:: Just a word of thanks and appreciation to all concerned for this forum where guys may freely exchange info/communicate ideas on all things penile, so that we may become empowered toward a greater/free/positive expression of one of man’s innate needs. Would that all men could enjoy such freedom. Joezzee, I too, am in the process of seeking/acquiring information re: girth enhancement w/Alloderm. I will share w/you that info which I have found. Historical background: Have had an IPP since ‘89 due to low back injury, therefore, squeamish about attempting PE or lengthening surgery. I’m modestly endowed (6 x 5 1/4), but the big reason I get out of bed every day is to celebrate/enjoy that great gift of sexual expression. Underwent, what now seems to be a somewhat antiquated procedure, fat transfer, in the early nineties. Dick was so big I couldn’t fuck anything for three months. Perhaps that period of rest/non-use contributed to my experiencing none of the lumps/bumps/deformities, etc. That so many fellows experienced. During that time, I was able to achieve the most exquisitely sensitive O’s, simply by gently stroking the frenulum . Alas, the nature of fat is to resorb. To my current quest for Alloderm: Would appreciate hearing from the entire forum on their positive and negative experiences w/Alloderm. (Also anyone who may have an IPP) The Thickone seems to be extremely satisfied. I would like to hear of the final results for 8Ball. At this point I have come to the conclusion that, by reputation, there are three physicians who have achieved an elite status among phalloplastic surgeons: 1) Dr. Whitehead, NYC, 2) Dr. Rosenthal, CA, & 3) Dr. Reed, FL. In conversation w/the offices of Dr. Whitehead, I was told that he is no longer practicing due to illness and that his patients/prospective patients are being referred to Dr. Rosenthal. Dr. Reed requires a $200 fee for a telephone consultation. This week, I had a very productive/enlightening telephone consultation, gratis, w/Dr. Rosenthal w/ whom I was very impressed. He has had nine years of experience w/Alloderm. One of the negatives for me is that he requires a circumcision to enhance post-op hygiene and to add to the stability of the graft. I still have some skin, only 1/3 cut, so must ponder on this one. Will appreciate hearing/learning more from your observations/experiences so that I may make a more fully informed decision. For Baldie: I’ve had successful HT> Just as w/the dick, it’s very important to select a great hair transplant surgeon. If anyone is interested, PM me. Thanks.

Thanks, Thunder. Thanks for the work that you do.

Point well made regarding paragraphs. I stand corrected. I appreciate your efforts toward elevating the status of the forum to one of authoritativeness as regards the current state of knowledge re: things penile. I endorse your gentle prodding toward improving correctness in writing . As, with my phallus, I’m somewhat challenged in many areas. Wish I possessed those skills of persuasive writing, speaking, etc. I say, I’m one of those guys who can’t read, can’t write, can’t talk too good either. (Do you think I might have a chance to become Pres/CC? LOL) I’m deficient in a knowledge of grammar, punctuation, syntax, etc. Not an excuse, but I attended a very small Cherokee Indian mission school where my English teacher did not have a college degree. We learned the basics. But, the dedication to duty, expressions of love, empathy and sympathy for the human condition that was demonstrated by our teachers carried some of those students to the highest levels of service both nationally and internationally.

Please, allow me to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the work that you do/for a great forum. I enjoy reading the posts and have learned much. I won’t’ be actively participating/contributing much because I don’t have much to offer, primarily because of the IPP.

Guys, gotta’ keep kick’n it.

Well, I searched for IPP but I assume you do not mean

Internet Printing Protocol

Interregional Partnership Platform

Integrated Performance Primitives


Import Performance Parts

So, what is IPP?

By the way, you write pretty well, actually.

Horny Bastard

Thanks, man, for your compliment regarding my writing. I enjoy that stroking. I should not have used the abbreviation IPP (Implanted Penile Prosthesis). This forum is basically for the well hung dudes/those who want to make their well functioning equipment bigger/healthier. You fellows have not reached a point, and hopefully, will never reach that point where you must consider a prosthesis. Thankfully, w/the advent of pharmaceuticals, the majority of you will never have to consider a prosthesis. FYI, many of the urologists who once were highly skilled in the technique of surgical implantation are losing those skills due to Viagra/Levitra/Cialis. A word of encouragement for those who may require a prosthesis due to pathophysiologic processes, such as spinal injury (although trans-urethral Muse, applied by intra urethral suppository may be efficacious in some of these cases), diabetes, etc, etc.: The prosthetic cadillac I.e. American Medical system, inflatable penile prosthesis appears natural and functions well. When inflated, some models, increase in both length and girth. They are not detectable by casual observation and may not be noticed w/some of your fuck buddies, if they do not suck/stroke your balls ( there is a small pump within the scrotum). Talk about endurance! If your gal is multi orgasmic you are king, you can give her as many as she desires. You can pound that pussy to your shear exhaustion. You can wear it out, literally. I can share some stories about the integrity of the vaginal mucosa. I learned the hard way, that one should not try to war it out, no matter the momentary pleasure.

Thanks again, Man. Damn! I’m trying. In spite of best effort, I’m totally busted/you got me again. Simply demonstrates that re-enforcement is apropos in many endeavors. Re: the shorthand w/.. /W is a big habit of mine. We took Gregg shorthand in my little school. (Only the older folk will even know what shorthand is about.) Guess we shouldn’t use slang due to the Forum’s international following/participation. Gusto mucho participation de los Espanoles. My English teacher would have circled other errors in my last post. Correcting bad habits is a work in progress.

Now will someone post about the old dick, please.

I read about PE surgery not long ago and it did NOT look promising at all.

68% of all men (statistics from the US) were dissapointed in the results.

The girth operation will make your penis 30-50% thicker while it’s flacid and you get a tiny 10% in full erection, think of it, 10% for a complicated operation and not to mention the cost, are you ready to spend all that money just to get a 10% increase when you can get sooooo much more by doing manual exercises?

I’m not trying to judge you or anything, it’s up to you but I would most definitely not do a penis operation (I was considering the possibility before but after read this it put me off for good).

Originally Posted by Jelg72005
Terrible web site tells us nothing

Did you actually follow the chapter links on the page and read the information? There is a LOT of interesting stuff in that study. I didn’t have time to read all of it, but chapter 5 particular had some good information:

- Many of the participants complained of decreased sensitivity.
- A number of them also said that ejaculations were not as strong.
- The study indicated that the biggest problems the doctors had was the patients unrealistic expectations. The average length increase was only .3”, and the average girth increase was .8”, but the patients wanted more, even the ones who began with above average sizes.
- Most of the respondents complained of infections and other problems like stitches coming out.
- The average cost of the surgery was $6,413, going as high as $12,000.
- Towards the end of this chapter is a list of respondent advice to future patients: the common theme is “Don’t do it.”

I don’t know about you Jelq72005, but I find this very informative.

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Originally Posted by jesse_johns
Gusto mucho participation de los Espanoles.

It appears to me that there are actually more native speakers of other European and Slavic languages on the english language forums, and that most of those in the Spanish language forums are from countries other than Spain.

And my spanish is rusty, but I think it would be something more along the lines of “Estimo mucho (a?) la participacion de los hispanohablantes”; and there are probably some better idiomatic ways of putting it.


Originally Posted by Anonymous_
I read about PE surgery not long ago and it did NOT look promising at all.

My impression of those who have posted actual surgery experiences here, and the threads about them, is that that there is somewhat more dissatisfaction than satisfaction, and certainly many reports of problems encountered as well as results that were not as good as expected. I don’t know if there is any thread or summary that really breaks the experiences down, though.


Originally Posted by FrenumFellow
It appears to me that there are actually more native speakers of other European and Slavic languages on the english language forums, and that most of those in the Spanish language forums are from countries other than Spain.

And my spanish is rusty, but I think it would be something more along the lines of “Estimo mucho (a?) la participacion de los hispanohablantes”; and there are probably some better idiomatic ways of putting it.


The Spanish language is very well spread around the globe, why does it seem like you are surprised?

regards, mgus

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Sorry, but… :xtop:

So how do you say “girth surgery” in spanish? :)

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