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Interpreting pi's

Interpreting pi's

I’m on the newbie routine and I’m not sure how to interpretent my pi’s

1) my penis looks a little bit darker and veins are a little bit more visible too
2) after stretches I was 1 cm longer (right after I mean, temporarily) than normally : good sign id say.
3) I can say that jelqs and stretches ‘feel’ like I’m doing them right, jelq feel comfortable
4) after the session my penis sometimes looks a bit reddish, always gets a bit smaller, contracts, like 1cm(no discomfort or something its just a bit smaller, this lasts from about an hour then my penis slowly(!) gets back to normal hang. It also doesn’t hang fuller after sessions, sometimes feel a bit achyness after. I think the best way to describe it is that my penis doesn’t feel strong after
5) my erection hardness has improved (I have been masturbating a lot than less than before PE, I don’t know if that is a factor)
6) I think my erections fade a little slower than before
7) I see no clear pattern in morning wood yet, it varies per day and since I’m only PEing since 9 days its to early to tell
8) never had any pain during or after session
9) before PE my flaccid length varied between 9cm-10cm, now I’m usually at 10cm
(Btw I didn’t do kegels until today)

Not sure if this is a positive or negative total picture, especially unsure what 4) means.

I think upon first glance it seems good, your penis says it feels healthy and has stronger erections. Thank you it also says.

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1 cm increase after stretching? BPEL/NBPEL/FSL/BPFL/NBPFL? I’m impressed with that. Sounds as though you’re nice and loose which should lead to some good gains as far as I understand :) Manual stretching I assume.. How much force would you say you use? Make sure you’re doing your cool down too :)


(Some help if you’re unfamiliar with the acronyms above NBPEL = Non-bone pressed erect length, FSL = Flaccid stretched length, NBPFL = Non-bone pressed flaccid length)

Start (Part 2) 10/04/2013: FL - 11.0 cm (4.29"), FG - 12.0 cm (4.68"), BPEL - 18.5 cm (7.22"), NBPEL - 16.2 cm (6.32"), EG - 14.0 cm (5.46")

Short-term goal by 10/07/2013: FL - 13 cm, NBPEL - 17.5 cm (6.84"), EG - 14.3 cm (5.59")

Long-term goal by 10/7/2018: FL - 14 cm (5.47), NBPEL - 20.0 cm (8.5"), EG - 16.5 cm (6.5")

Are you supposed to cool down after sessions? I have been warming my penis after this hole time. Well that could explain why my penis hangs/feels a bit different after sessions than the stories I hear from other guys here (like I described in point 4)

4 is a negative, but not a huge negative. It would imply that you are just at the limit or maybe a touch beyond what you can cope with. That it returns to normal after an hour is a fair sign that you can cope with this. I would not think about increasing your PE until 4 changes to a positive, with better hang and the sign that your penis could readily take some more. Mind you seeing as you are 9 days into this stuff, don’t rush to doing anything else yet, it takes a while to condition the penis to do PE safely.

But all the other signs are postives.

As for warming down or cooling down. I always warmed afterwards in my early days and I got great newbie gains. Now I don’t heat or cool down, but you ask a 100 different PE-ers about heating or cooling after PE and you’ll get a 100 variations on the answer. The best thing to do is to try doing a week warming down and a week cooling down after PE, and see which suits you best. If it become obvious before the week is up, don’t persist though!

Welcom aboard ShowTime94.

Thanks 74zowee86

I was worried about #4 too

I think I was over training (too much jelqs I think)on newbie routine and using to hot water for the warm down (which made my dick turtle)
Yesterday I tried a shower starting with a neutral temperature slowly going colder (to avoid temperature shock) immediately it felt better, 10 minutes after shower my dick was hanging in a relax state.

Things I changed:
Cool water after manual stretches then little break before jelqs, instead of reheating after stretches and immediately into jelqs
Decreased amount of jelqs by 1/3 and going to build up slower than newbie routine.
After session starting with semi-hot water and slowly going to neutral to semi-cold.

After todays session my dick feels neutral, so that’s an improvement.

Is the state of the penis after sessions a good (or crucial?) indicator for growth?

BTW I measured my erect length today, to me it looks a little bit bigger, but the ruler says no increase yet, will measure again tomorrow to make sure


If your dick is in a good state after your session, it’s a good sign. A little tired is ok. But it should ideally not be shrunken or feeling ‘beat up’.

So just letting yourself cool down without heat or cold isn’t good ??

I think I’ll ask it here. What if your D. Contracts after the session followed by a warm-down due to colder temperature outside the bathroom? Other than these usual contractions I don’t really notice any other negative PI’s


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