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internal penis stretch

internal penis stretch

Does anyone do incorporate this in their routine?

My penis has a low tuck.. erection points higher.. and quite hard.. so I need to focus on length exercise. I often wonder if pulling the inner penis will help loosen up and pull more inner penis outward.

This is the link:

What do you think?

I just tried it.. without lotion so I can get a good gripe. It feels odd on my balls.. it almost like I am pulling my ball sags.

Has anyone done this and gained results?


Well, it certainly seems to get a grip on the other side of the balls.

I would imagine you would have to be really careful not to sack yourself while pulling!

Serves to nothing IMHO.

I tried it.. and it feels weird. It’s like pulling your sags up towards your chest.. but it feels like the skin and sags are being pulled instead of inner penis. I think I will pass this technique.

Bump this one up. I am surprised this one doesn’t generate much interest.

After reading about how Bucks’ fascia thickening on the dorsal side of the penis can limit length gains, I am inclined to try this method out by pulling the inner penis (and avoid pulling the external penis which triggers our body to thicken fascia build up).

This does make sense. Continue to read… .

Many have reported challenges with length gains (esp. upward curve penises with more pronounced Bucks’ fascia on the dorsal side of penis). Many have also reported the thickening of fascia AFTER doing PE. It seems like our body has a natural mechanism to produce more fascia to protect vigorous pulls/pumps of our penis. So eventually one will reach maximum length gain by doing traditional stretching and hanging. Although there have been successful experiences of using fulcrum stretch/hanging (A-stretch) to target the fascia, the result has been very slow and minimal.

Constant pressure in the penis can cause fascia to build up FASTER to a point where tunica can’t be efficiently stretched as Bucks’ fascia takes most of the tension. Another factor to consider is that fascia is WAY TOUGHER to stretch. Just think of your calve muscles. They are mostly strong fascia with the purpose of withholding the majority of body weight when you lift and bend your knees. Likewise, Buck’s fascia’s main function is also to protect the penis and everything in it.. (veins, nerves.. etc).

What does this tell me?

The link I posted on this thread takes you to an exercise of pulling internal penis outward. Many of the stretching/hanging (almost all PE routines) is aiming at pulling the penis away from the body by putting pressure on the external penis (wrapping the shaft, pulling the gland, whatever). So when that strategy is exhausted, and when tunica can’t be efficiently stretched due to Buck’s fascia restricting straight out and down pull, one can try pulling the inner penis with a scrotal grip without putting pressure on Buck’s fascia.

If I remember correctly, saiyan22 developed his own hanging method where the gripping force is very close to the base of penis (instead of pressuring strictly on the upper part of the shaft to the gland, which often results in donuts and thromb veins!) . He attributes his length gain to the pulling of the inner penis (and without ridiculous Bucks’ fascia restricting length gains). You can check out his progress thread to learn how he hangs.
Saiyan22 New Gains With Pics And Comparisons

What do you think? Has anyone incorporated pulling of inner penis into their routine?

PS: You are always pulling the inner penis with any form of stretch and hanging. The difference is that by pulling the way it is described in the link above, you are only targeting the inner penis (and very little stretch to pull straight out with the other hand). For those who have limiting factor from pronounced Buck’s fascia, this may be a way to avoid putting more pressure on the external penis.

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