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Interesting twist on a ladies lip product.

Interesting twist on a ladies lip product.

There’s a product for plumping up your lips. It’s called Lip Venom. You put it on you lips, and they will plump up. It does sting though (Everyone who’s tried it says so). It’s only for temporary results.

Anyway, I was thinking, if it plumps up the lips, it might plump the penis for a while.

Anyone ever heard of this stuff before?


What are the ingredients in it?

I might very well work, but I’d only be a temporary thing, and if you did PE with it on chances are you’d be more prone to hurting yourself, since the tissue would be expanded unnaturally. Sometimes this can be useful for stretching skin, but if you do girth work it might burst some blood vessels.

It would suck to get a BJ from a chick wearing that.

Not necessarily David, could be the new PE craze!

Actually I think it would be quite nice david, girls with big lips.No complaints here.

Alternatively you could put it in their armpits and hey presto a new ‘substitute’ orifice :D

haha, y’all crazies. Now I’m getting curious about the product.

Here’s a good review of the product:

The way this product works is the cinnamon oils and ginger contained in the ingredients are common irritants to the skin. This irritation is amplified when placed on one of the thinnest skinned, and most sensitive areas of your body — your lips. The stinging sensation, which is considerable in this product, is your lip letting you know there is an irritant on your lips. Your body’s natural response to this irritant is to send extra blood to the area of irritation to try to protect it from harm. The extra blood flow in the lip area, due to the irritation, is what makes your lips appear ‘fuller.’ Most lip plumpers on the market today work to ‘plump’ your lips through this process of irritation.

Because DuWop Venom Flash has a relatively large amount of the cinnamon oil as an ingredient, it will make your lips look fuller in addition to causing above average irritation for this product category. Because of the irritation and subsequent blood flow increase, your lips will also look darker. There is a reason why everyone is talking about this stuff … it works the best because it irritates the most. Try it if you want something that will really work, just be forewarned.

DuWop Venom Flash is not for the lighthearted. DO NOT put this product on a dry or sensitive lip or the sensation will move from irritation to pure pain. God forbid you get this stuff in a cold sore, split lip, or any other open mouth wound or you will want to slice your lips off. You may not realize you have tiny, dry cracks in your lips until this stuff gets in there. Ouch! I find this especially irritating in the corners of the mouth.

If your new lip look generates some amorous advances and you find yourself kissed, you will transfer all this wonderful stuff, and all the irritating side effects, to your kissing partner. Whoops! Your gig is up! The illusion of sexy sensuality will all be shot as your kisser declares, “What’s that!? My lips are burning! I think I’m allergic to you!” Angelina Jolie you are not.


I’d be a little hesitant to try this on my unit, but if anyone else does, please share the details!

Originally Posted by david_crooking
It would suck to get a BJ from a chick wearing that.

For you, or her? :)

Haha, I don’t know man. It’s the scary (yet arousing) thought of getting BJ’d and getting swollen at the same time.

Can you imagine starting normal, then getting so big she can’t BJ no more? BRB! *sprinkling cinnamon down there*

Wait, where’s that post from the guy who let bees sting his dick? Damn, that was a scary post and this reminds me of it…

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Cinnamon oil is hard core. I remember making cinnamon toothpicks in the 80’s with cinnamon oil, and that shit burns. Man, sounds like cutting jalapenos and forgetting to wash your hands before taking a leak. Ouch.

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About 14 months total PE time. I'm very inconsistent.

Some guy let bees sting his dick? HA HA! How the hell does someone do that?

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