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Interesting story and other thoughts.

Interesting story and other thoughts.

I have to post a quick story that I find interesting and funny. I will try to keep it short.

My wife had an adult party with toys, lube, etc. She buys a couple things and I wanted there cheap pump. Mainly for the pumping bulb style for water pumping. Well I try out the pump with only air pumping and I hit bottom. Which was a surprise. I tell my wife to see if she can get maybe a cheap replacement lube or something as this pump cyl. Will not work for me. I knew there was no way to send this pump back or get money back which I was fine with. Just wanted to see if we could get anything. And I kind of did just not any product.

So she emails the party lady and the party lady says she will check to see what she can do. They talk for 3 emails. Then the last one is the best for me. My wife tells the lady I use the pump to increase size. The lady emails back that another party lady’s husband does the same. And when being well endowed like both these men are you don’t have to have the whole penis in the pump for it to work. Just use a hand to get it to seal. (LOL! Don’t think that would work but I find it funny being my first time being called well endowed!) And the end of the email was a take care and good for you with a wink to my wife for having a well endowed husband (LOL!)

Well I will tell you some other info and thoughts on this. NBP I am 6.5 length x 5.12 MSG. Well I am a out of shape so BP is 7.5. This pump was 7 or 7.25 x 2in as best I can measure it. There was not a measurement size to go with this pump. So I was surprised I did not fit. I now wonder how much if any “hidden” in the fat pad cock my wife gets? Well I will keep PE’ing because I am not were I want to be. But I found it interesting she thought I was well endowed not fitting in a 7in pump. Also not sure if this is cool to do but if anyone would like this pump cyl. Only please PM me. I would sell it cheap.

So I just wanted to add this story so guys know that some women think 7in is well endowed! Good to hear for me.

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I’ve seen maybe 25 other dudes erect in my life (through “parties” etc) and yea 7” is up there for sure. Here’s what I’ve seen, roughly.

8”+ : 0
7” - 8”: 5
6” - 7”: 2
5” - 6”: 15
Under 5”: 3

From what I’ve seen if you’re over 6” you’re doing pretty well.

Now: BPEL 7.75", MSEG 5.75"

Goal: BPEL 8.50", MSEG 6.50"

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That is also interesting Mr. Orange. I have not seen any men erect except for porn. And have only had 3 women handle the man hood. I have also always been 10 to 30lbs over ideal weight. So some of the crank is hidden with a fat pad. I am around 40lbs over ideal weight now. But thanks to PE I have more to see now then when I was younger in better shape. Got to lose some weight I know.

It’s so funny hearing stories like this on a forum where half the guys here consider 7x5 nbp completely average.

I think that if you are just a bit overweight, that your BPEL is fully functional. As you can always push in and the fat just moves.
I’m also a bit overweight and when I pushed in I pretty much hit a wall on my ex. And I’m “only” 7” BPEL.
I feel average/normal not big at all, maybe cause I am fat. I’m like 6”NBP. But when I see the ruler I think it looks big. It’s all about perception.

I was talking to a friend of mine about sex and she came up with penis size and showed me with her hands(by seperating her hands from each other) what she considered an extremely big penis.It looked like what I have -.-” I didn’t say anything, I was just surprised of what she thought and many of her friends thought was an extremely big penis.

Height = 5' 2", Weight = 170, Age = 24, Uncut, Starting Size = Current Size ~ BPEL = 6 14/16 ~ 7 Inches, MG = ?, BG = ?

Current Goal ~ BPEL = 8 Inches

Penis Length proportion to Height ~ Around 11.2%


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