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A little Question

A little Question

Hey everybody, I’m a new fellow PE, I’m 3 weeks within PE and after reading much on this forum some questions arised.

They are the following.

I’ve noticed that during Jelqing Sessions, the penis is engorged to what I will call my “Maximum Length” (I call it maximum length cause its far larger than my normal BPEL)
So the question is whether this “Maximum Length” is actually the maximum length I will possibly acquire by means of PE.
Or will it also keep increasing as I go on with PE?

Ill show with some numbers to make it a bit more clear.

So my BPEL is 13cm, and after a jelqing session I reach around 15cm(this has been quite steady)
My question is will I ever have a BPEL larger than 15cm? Or is 15cm my lifetime largest BPEL?
Cause I don’t seem to get past 15cm no matter how good the workout was hehe,
Even if this were the case, I’m more than happy to cement those 15cm hahaha

Thanks in advance!

Hope this can help all the newbies like myself to clear some doubts

I don’t think your maximal current length indicates a hard limit, it just indicates the maximum your tissue can stretch right now and with work that goes up, which is kind of the point. What you are seeing is the limit of your elasticity and potentially the maximum erect size with a perfect erection.

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So this is only Current Maximum Length, this is good news haha

Therefore the point of it all is to raise this current maximum length.

I start to see the full picture now thx!

Can’t wait to start seeing a bigger penis after my jelqing sessions, then I will know its growing without the need to fixate on measurements

Ill post updates on progress reports nonetheless so it can serve as encouragement for others aswell.

Thank you very much memento

Your “maximum length” increases over time.

BPEL Start: 5 15/16". BPEL Current: 7 1/4". Short Term BPEL Goal: 7 1/2". Long Term BPEL 8"

BEELIT Start: 6", BPELIT Current: 6.1/4"

EG Start: 5". EG Current: 5 1/8". Short Term EG Goal: 5.25". Long Term EG: 6

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