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Interesting Pills: can't find them anymore

Interesting Pills: can't find them anymore

A while back (about a year or two) I found in a porn magazine, an article about some natural pills that would enhance enlargement. Seeing they cost little ($30), the instructions noted I were to take them twice a day for three weeks and I would gain 3inches. I couldn’t believe it. After taking these pills in the first week my dick became heavier as if it were dragging down, and in 3weeks I gained 3inches and almost 1/2 an inch in girth. Shockingly the result were permanent. Now I would like to find these pills again. If anyone here has taken them before it’d be great if I can get information on relocating them again.

You are lucky for finding us, and me, at this moment. I bought the patent for those pills yesterday. PM me for details.

$69.95 for a 21 day supply. We fully back our product. If you don’t get results after 7 orders we’ll refund you triple the cost of 2 bottles. You can’t go wrong!

As testimony to the efficacy of this proprietary substance, here is a transcription of a voice message left by Mr. Y today on our customer feedback hotline:

(I shouldn’t be revealing this private phone message, but these pills are so good I’d feel guilty if I didn’t let you PE’rs in on how well they work.)

“Them is the best piddler pills I ever done took. They made the red dog bigger ‘n he’s ever swole before. I swallered (sp?) 4 pills and 11 beers. The wife, she got scared and run off when she seen my goods all sprouted up in full glory.”

Oh, BTW, MushroomMan do you have anything useful to contribute to this forum or should we ban you now?


Voice message left by Mr Y of the Droogs, from Clock work orange.

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

I’m glad it worked for you *rolls eyes*

I took them same damn pills and mine shrunk 3”.

Now I really “wantmo”

Start: July 2001 BPEL = 5.5 EG = 5.25 Dec 2004 BPEL = 7.0 EG = 6.2

June 2005 BPEL = 7.25 EG = 6.25 Dec 2005 BPEL = 7.5 EG = 6.25

lotta cynics here


You got Thunder’s patended penis shrinking pills by mistake!
The penis growing pills work so quickly that some poor SOB’s were ending up with 18” penises before they knew what hit them! Hence the penis shrinking pills.

Get in touch with Hobby and he will fix you back up!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Same thing happens to my tongue if I get stung by a bee, it gains 3 inches, flops about, dripping wet. That’s why I carry an Epi-Pen.


The idea is that you should swallow the pills. - Not stuff them into your dick .

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Originally Posted by petitfaun

The idea is that you should swallow the pills. - Not stuff them into your dick .

Rolling on the floor laughing!

-- Wiz How many "free willing" partners/year when not in long relationship?

After 4 months on, 5 months off, BPEL x EG: 7.3\'\' x 4.6\'\'

Starting Stats, April 2005, BPEL x EG: 7.0\'\' x 4.3\'\'

Alice in Wonderland…

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