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Interesting Measuring Question.

Interesting Measuring Question.

Hey, last post I talked about some ED and BS I was going through with that.I’m sure most don’t remember but I had ED for a long time.well I’m glad to report it’s much better due to a great urologist And my girth is larger than I thought.but my length is shorter. Maybe my girth grew naturally while I had ED and I am only now ‘realizing it’ since I am fairly young.

My girth is 6 inches which my urologist measured with a flexitape measure.he was keeping track of it due to indentation and narrowing which now appears to be very minimal/gone. My measuring question is about length though. I do everything your supposed to .bend penis to parallel and for nbp measurement put it against skin but don’t press.for bp press to the bone. All of this on the top side of my dick of course. I get just over 7 NBP and just over 7.25 BP doing it this way. But the key part of my question is there is almost another .25 inches which would take me up to 7.25 NBP and 7.5 BP on the underside of my dick on the other side of my peehole. Basically my head is longer on the underside by almost a quarter of an inch. I think this is fairly normal from porn but I can’t tell if people measure only to where the peehole starts or to where the cock ends/protrudes out to even if it is on the underside of the cock.

Which is the normal/correct/typical way to measure. Which way do you measure? I have never seen this discussed before.

I guess it goes to wherever the flesh part of the dick protrudes to, not just the start of the peehole. So 7.25 NBP and 7.5 BP it is. Thanks for that picture.

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