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Interested in PE for years, finally starting

Interested in PE for years, finally starting

Hey guys,

I have been interested in PE for a few years and I even tried stretching and jelqing for a little bit (nothing long-term or serious). I’ve decided it’s best to start sooner than later, and I have thus started PEing. My plan is to get some measurements and pictures up and keep a log of what I’m doing every week or two. Hopefully by being active in these forums and keeping a “journal,” it will help keep my interest up. What do you guys do to keep your interest level up? I know for some people the motivation of a bigger dick is enough, but are there things you do to help keep your interest going for a long-term goal (I.e. Do you keep an online log off what you’re doing/try to be active in the forums etc.)?

I’m going to start the newbie routine (or one similar to it).

1. Warm up in the shower
2. Stretch 2 seconds, relieve pressure (each direction, 3x) I forget the name of this. JAI?
3. Stretch 30 seconds (each direction)
4. Cool down (also in the shower)
5. Later in the day do as many dry jelqs as possible in a 10-15 min timeframe (3 seconds each)

2 days on, 1 day off. After 4-6 weeks I’ll hold the jelqs longer and do them for maybe 30 minutes. I’ll also increase the amount of time stretching.

Any major holes in my plan?

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Hey Dodger, nice post. I like your idea of keeping a journal, and anyone who has had success will tell you your idea of taking pictures (especially the early “before” picture) is incredibly important. Pics will keep you from convincing yourself that your gains are an illusion and that you are merely measuring differently in the future.

In my experience, the greatest motivation was when I was feeling like I was making a gain. Hell, it was hard not to overtrain once I was sure I was making progress!

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

I think warming up is more important for jelqing than stretching, or at least just as important.

You can start a progress report in the “progress reports” section. (When you have enough posts, etc.) I think that keeping one of those is vitally important.

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Originally Posted by chronostone

I think warming up is more important for jelqing than stretching, or at least just as important.

I’d say it’s just as important. I don’t think you can get a good maximum stretch unless properly warmed up.

19th Feb 2012

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Thanks guys for the replies. I’m also going to try and focus on doing kegels throughout the day. I don’t really know what a good set amount is.. But I will probably aim for 100+ a day.

So far I’m on day four of the routine and on my day off (yesterday), I noticed I was getting stronger and more frequent erections throughout the day.
After I do this routine for about 4-6 weeks I’m planning on starting a new routine.. What would be a good routine to follow up the newbie routine? I’m around 5.25” BPEL and 4.25” EG, so I’m interested in gains both for both girth and length. Any recommendations for a new guy? What worked for some of the veterans out there?

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