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Interested In Jelq But Need Advice

Interested In Jelq But Need Advice

Hi everyone I’m new to this forum and I have some questions, I have a bend in my penis when I’m erect and I stumbled upon this website and was quite impressed by some of the forum members who made gains by using a Jelq Technique.

Almost seems to good to be true, straighter penis and gain some more on top of what I have.. Count me in! Now I’m really interested in trying it out, but I have some concerns so here are my questions.

1# Does it really work if done properly?
2# Is it dangerous.. Is there a chance my penis can become useless?
3# What is the best routine for a Newbie?

Thank You.

I would suggest taking it slow in the beginning. Yes you can injure yourself. I suggest looking up the newbie routine and start with that. You can find it here on TP just look up ” Newbie Routine”

If your just starting I suggest reading, reading and read some more on the newbie forum.

Thanks for the advice, I’m a little scared of trying it.

Welcome. No need to be scared. Keep the pressure/squeeze light and don’t tighten it enough to make it hurt. Your not trying to break it so take it easy and relax. Remember that if it hurts you are doing something wrong. Ask questions. More repetitions is better for starting than too much pressure. I can attribute all my gains from newbie routine stuff. I’ve had no injuries. I wasn’t doing it right in the beginning but I did gain. Good luck! :)

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