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Intensive bends sore erection next morning.ideas


Intensive bends sore erection next morning.ideas

Hi guys,

I did a really intensive workout last night, with a ton of intensive bends (20+ minutes’ worth). At the time, nothing felt too bad - I felt some strain in the ligs, probably more than usual, but it didn’t hurt. This morning, I woke up with my morning wood and it was hurting like a bitch. The pain stretched all along the ligs, all the way from the base at the point where the ligs ‘enter’ the penis (little bit sore) right down into the center of the glans (very, very, very sore). This was around 8:30AM. It’s 10PM right now and there is no pain whatsoever any more. It’s all gone.

What exactly happened? Anybody have any ideas/similar experience? I figure I just overworked the lig, but I’d like to know if anyone has any other info to share.


Something has been feeling different down there all day (since I had “sore cock syndrome”.see my post above), so on a hunch I just went and measured my fully stretched length. I gained almost .25 inches (from 6.75 to 7) between last night and tonight. I checked a few times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, because unless the magic penis enlargement fairy visited me last night, something weird is going on.

I think this makes my last post even more pertinent, because now I REALLY want to know what exactly I did to my dick. I’m gonna keep measuring my FSL over the next few days to see whether this gain sticks around. I’ll keep you guys posted.

How long have you been PEing? You joined here last month. If you are a newbie, as I suspect you are from your painful symptoms, you shouldn’t be bending. Are we there yet?

Not a newb, I joined last month but I’ve been doing this for a while (5-6 months).

You said you plan to keep tabs on your FSL. Please report what you find.


If you are wise you stop bending, there are plenty of other PE exercises you can do that have less risks.


The FSL seems to have receded a bit, to about 6.875 or so. I think this isn’t unexpected - I know from my martial arts that intensive stretching of ligaments will often lead to the ligaments retracting quite a bit in time period after.

You’re gonna hurt yourself :'


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Just exactly what type of bends were you doing. Please explain in detail.

Regular old bends - get an erection, bend it downward to about 90 degrees or to wherever you start feeling a stretch, and then kegel for about 20 seconds or so. This isn’t supposed to be done for more than 5 mins at a time, I went for about 20 mins total time, really intensively - yeah, I know I overdid it.

Erect bends are normally dangerous. They are classed as an advanced exercise, if you can even class them as an exercise.

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

Were you actually bending the middle part of your penis or simply pushing down on it? If you were just pushing down on your penis to stretch the ligs then you will be ok. This exercise is not actually an erect bend. However, if you were trying to bend your penis anywhere along the shaft while 100% erect that is just stupid. Even at 30-50% erect this can be very dangerous because it puts a tremendous amount of pressure in a small area of the penis.

I was bending it down from the base. I held the head down with one hand, and also put some pressure on the ligs right at the base of the penis. I didn’t actually bend my dick. I thought pushing the penis down was a bend? I wasn’t even aware that there are people literally bending their dicks as an exercise.that sounds really dangerous.

Try hanging one or two golf wts (if you have em’) and thats all…measure 2X day with bpfl…keep track.

Take about 3 days off or until everything is normal again…totally.

Your measurements should tell you what you did…I suspect it may be productive if you take off about 2-3 days and just do light ADS.

In general, I believe if you need more than one day off to return to normal feelings and erection…decrease the force/time of your PE until one day off is enough to get back to top form ( and make small gains).

I’m am really starting to favor the approach of brief time of forces large enough to cause some stretching (JUST enough and not more) then a half or full day of minimum forces to sustain the stretch while it heals(ADS-ADC)…then possibly a day off (Xeno is working on that one, I’m checking it out myself).

Sparky I tend to agree with that idea. It seems to me that you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone when you work out so that when it heals, it heals bigger. That’s the basic principle of bodybuilding. I remember reading a post here once where someone mentioned using clamping to achieve ‘plastic deformation’. I figure that means you have to push beyond your limits for one workout, and then force it to heal that way the next day by using ADS/ADC.

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