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Intensity-Erection problem

Intensity-Erection problem

Hi. I started PE about 10 weeks ago. I have had noticeable gains in length and girth. But as of the past 3-4 weeks I have a problem with intensity and keeping a workable erection. When I Jelq it feels like I should be harder. I had my best workout once with some porn. But I try to avoid doing that because I read it could be a problem down the road. Also I find while stretching that my skin pulls and builds up on my glans. This makes it very difficult to get good stretches in and stay focused. When I do get good stretching in I will be sore at the sides of the base. Is this normal?

My routine:
Uli Squeezes with morning wood
Twice a day:
5min. Warm up
Stretch each direction 30sec at 7-5 sets
Variety of jelqs totaling 300-400
5min. Warm down

Usually a day on and a day off. Occasionally two days on then one off.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

Are you uncut? You should retract foreskin for stretching. I’d suggest you cut a bit your routine, expecially on jelqs - if I’m not wrong you are doing 600-800 jelqs daily, which is a lot. Do 300 reps, 2 on/1 off. If erections don’t improves take a week off.

I am circumsized. I have a aerodynamic war helmet. Thats actually why I do the Uli Squeezes to get the glans to be more of a knob. I have a long story of issues but to make it short. Three years ago I had inguenial hernia surgery on my left. So when I stretch right I really feel it. Because the mesh and muscles are tight. Then in the past 8 months I have been on testosterone replacement therapy. The Drs. Said it was from a vasectomy I had 8 years ago. I personally think it was the hernia surgery. Anyways I am 37yrs and the PE is promising. My wife notices a difference. I may cut back on Jelqing. I also take L-Arginine, ginseng, ginko, and zinc. It is suppose to help with erections.

Maybe I’ve not completely understood your post. Are you saying that you have low EQ, or that only while jelqing your erection suffers a bit? Jelqs shouldn’t be done at high levels of erection, 50-75% is the optimal range.

Like I said I am 37. So of course erections are not the skin rippers like when I was 18. So I take supplements to try and get the most. But like I said it is a part of getting old. Atleast thats what my doc says. But when I jelq I am like 50%. I notice best results and a better workout at 60-70%. It is just getting to and holding a 60-70% erection is almost impossible. I do notice if I use my imagination I will get close but it only last 5min. The jelqing takes about 10-15min.

But a few weeks ago, was it hard as well to mantain the desired level of erection? In this case, overwork is the problem.

Yes. I believe I was harder for the first 5-6 weeks. The last few weeks not as much. I am most likely over training. I do not log workouts. I go by memory. But I am sure that seeing results in the beginning made me want to workout more. I will start a workout log and make sure to alternate workout day and a day of rest. Thanks for your advise. I will post back on results.

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