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intense PE

intense PE

First of all, I’m not sure if I can post this in the newbie forum. The routine I’m about to mention is not for newbies but I still am a newbie when posting is concerned. I’ll give it a go anyway. Forum moderators will know what to do with it if indeed this post is misplaced.

So here it is:
I’ve been doing some catching up on clamping/jelking and stumbled upon posts from ”ar……..” (not sure if I can just mention someone else his nickname without permission, I believe he is no longer a member so I can’t ask him). His pics really put a smile to my face, this guy is (became) huge!
The fact of the matter is not his size but how a got it.

His ideas on the effect of PE are, I think, somewhat controversial? The results he claimed however, the pics look real enough, are truly amazing.
He states that, for PE to have effect, the routines must be done every day. The most important is this: not only every day, but multiple times a day.
I gave it a try and I must say, I had a thick one all day long. The effect was gone the next morning but not after 45 minutes as usual. Little john was a bit sore though (gone the day after thank g*d, wow what relief!!)

And now, my extraordinary league of gentleman, my question is this: Has anyone of you tried this, is still doing it? And if so, with what effect? soreness, pain, positive PI, negative PI, gains, no gains etc? I ask this because the routine is somewhat scary to me but very appealing.

Vets are my main source for info, please reply if you can. Thanks a milllion.


Am I alone on this subject? It’s just a question, not an attack………

I have no idea. But I would like to read the thread you are talking about. I’m sure you could link the thread.

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search, advanced search, find posts by user, then type the name aristocane

You will be amazed.
Please!!!! This is no routine for newbies, maybe not even for vets! That’s why I started this thread, I only want to know if anyone tried this and with what effect.

Thanks TC, that’s the stuff I’m looking for. Had a quick read, interesting enough to read all of it.

When I started PE I was doing only stretches in few sessions a day. Each session was about 10-15 minutes and in the evening I was doing a really intense 10 minutes but the stretches were really powerful. I have to say that I have gained about 1/2 inch (1.2 cm) in length in the first 4-5 months. Then I’ve started to do jelks since I had no more gains with the stretches but I stopped from PE because my girlfriend “found out about it”! It apears that 18 cm (7.2 inches) is the biggest she can get and still be comfortable so there is no reason for me to PE anymore.just light sessions from now and I can’t really say that intense PE is the way to really gain but for my stretch routine worked pretty damn good!

Yeah, Aristo pumped up to that size if I’m correct(mostly lymph). Don’t follow his stuff. You will end up with discoloration and no gains.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

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