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Inspiring Comment From The GF :

Inspiring Comment From The GF :

Hi guys,

A very good morning (in the UK) to you all! Well, my first thread and I thought I’d update you on progress! I’ve been lurking for a while (about 6 weeks) and been on the newbie routine for 2 weeks.

18/02/2009 6.75 7.2 6.4
25/02/2009 7 7.5 Didn’t measure

I’ve also noticed a big change in my flaccid length and volume - is this normal? It hangs a lot lower and ‘fuller’.

Hadn’t seen the girlfriend for 2 weeks and she said “it looks massive tonight” - woo! Sort of thing that we’re in it for. She’s off to Australia for a month in May, hoping to see a few more gains to show her when she gets back!

Grinning :)

Awesome dude :D

Yeah man that is what you should be expecting.

Keep gaining bro

Starting Stats: 27/10/2008 - BPEL: 5.9' BFSL: 6.1' EG: 5' (I think); Goal: BPEL: 7.9' EG: 6.5'; I want to reach my goal by October 2009. My focus is on lenght at this time.

With a 6.4 EG it should very well look massive to her on any night!

Starting 10/08 - 7.125" EL x 4.5" MSEG

As of 12/08- 7.5" EL x 4.75" MSEG

As of 1/19/08 - 7.75" bpel(previous 7.5" was due to inaccurate ruler) x 4.875" MSEG

No kidding.

Very nice gains. Love the girls comment.

Happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Congrats on the gains for sure!

Nice one dude !!

I’m living for the day I get this sort of comment from my girlfriend.

Starting again stats will arrive shortly

6.4 GIRTH!

Wow, you should consider posting some pics

February 1: NPBEL: 5.25" Eg: 4.25"

Cheers guys..

Lol, pics, erm, I’m new to this, but maybe at one point. Want some gains first, that’s what we’re all here for. Noticed the EQ is far better (maybe it’s all psychological - I dunno).

It’s so awesome when girls say stuff like that - I don’t think they quite realise. They’re constantly worrying about whether they’re pretty, slim, sexy etc and normally bathed in compliments from their guy, it’s pretty nice when you get something back.

You started out with 6.4 girth? jeez.. Why on earth did you end up on Thunders Place? Keep on gaining though bro, Shorty Mac needs a run for his money!

Ha! The same girlfriend had commented very early on in our relationship (as a joke, I dunno) that one of the guys she’d dated had only been able to wear pleasuremax condoms.. I dunno, totally rubbed me up the wrong way. I got a little hacked off, immature I know, but guess that’s what got me a little insecure about it. We ended up having a bit of an argument about it. She was like “look, this is not a problem, he was no bigger than you”. This girl got straight a*s at gcse, but is a little clueless at looking after mens feelings, ha! What she should of said was “look, you’re far bigger than every guy I’ve ever seen before” - I guess thats what all guys want their gf to say.

Length wise, I’d never been perfectly happy with it and I’d always wished it was longer (one of the guys has length for bros, girth for hoes in his sig). Length is always more talked about and I guess more instantly noticable. I’ve also heard a lot of guys talking about the ‘cul de sac’ that they like to fill (I’m talking about the 8/9inch boys) so I’d like to get there eventually.

I was with a girl for a while and I managed to give her a cul-de-sac orgasm at 7 inch’s.. Was really weird for us both, as she had never orgasmed thro penetration before. But while riding me she gushed and she researched it and the only explanation she could find that sounded the same was the cul-de-sac orgasm.. So you don’t have to be that long I guess (depends on the girl as well I guess)

But I’m hearing what your saying about the fuller penis, I’ve been going over 3 weeks now. My penis feels fuller and firmer all the time now (even today the day after my day off jelq session tonight so not done anything in like 30 hours plus)

EQ gone thru the roof. My flaccid has changed so much is no where as soft as it used to be which is kinda strange.

Start Feb 09: BPEL = 7", EG = 5"

Goal Aug 09: BPEL = 7.5", EG 5.25"

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