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Inspiration for others

Inspiration for others

So I figure it’s time that I pay back to Thunders because for me, this site has given me quite a bit. I have not posted in a while for the reason that, I really didn’t have to anymore. For the first time since I joined, and actually the first time in many years, I felt content with my penis size. I was looking for a link to my first post ever on Thunders, but could not find it, so I wanted to link another one of my posts to give those starting out an idea of where I began (mentally and physically).

When I started out almost a year ago to the day, I was about 6.9-7 inches BP with a significant fat pad, at least an inch. To some of you that may not be so bad, but when your 6 feet 230 pounds with a decent amount of weight around the midsection, that can certainly look bad. My girth was somewhere around 4.7 mid, 4.8-9 (thickest, uppershaft) and 4.625 at the base. Again, I know there are definitely people worse, none the less I was really struggling mentally with this as you will see in this thread.

In need of some help

On Nov. 3rd 09, I was measuring at my all time high of around 8.35 BP (7 4/8 NBP length), and shortly before I was 5.37 (thickest girth), around 5.1 mid, and 5.2 base (prob lost a bit since time off). That said, I gained somewhere in the range of 1.25-1.3 inches in length, and an avg. Of around .45 in girth. I think my gains have gone pretty well for me, especially considering that I became less interested in the last few months. Had I not, I probably could have made .5 in girth, and close to 1.5 in length.

The main reason I am posting all this is to help those who are feeling the anguish I once felt. I know not what every persons reasons are for coming to this site. I am sure some come to this site just because it seems like it would be cool to have a big dick. If you are like I was however, you feel such a sense of inadequacy that it haunts you day and night, and some times there is nothing else that you can think about. I actually had times that I was so ashamed of myself I could not sleep or even get it up.

At that time I bought the extender, I wore it 3 months thinking it had worked (measured with a bad ruler) and then measured with the right one only to find out I was the exact same size or even smaller. This was an incredibly painful feeling, I no longer believed in PE, I was completely hopeless in my own mind. This all happened in October of 2008. I could not get an erection with my girlfriend for the next few weeks.

I started PE on Nov. 1st of 2009 and did not join thunders until much later, I did PE for about 6 weeks before I decided to measure. I was scared SHITLESS this was my obsession. Finally God/the Universe gave me a break. The first few times I measured I was the exact same size as I had been the previous 50. But finally I got a real hard erection and saw 0.2 inch gain for the first time ever. I knew this was not a fluke because I had measured so many times before with the same ruler.

That started the gains. Throughout the last year, I had pretty consistent gains. The angst still haunted me, and at times (not nearly as much) it still does, I still look in the mirror and wonder if I am big. I think about the past, but for the last few months are the first time that I ever felt confident with what I had, and a lot of it is due to the help of the people on this site.


I believe everyone can gain, it is about finding what clicks. I wore that extender just as recommended for months, and I think I lost a tenth or 2.

I never once missed a workout on a day I decided I was going to workout, if someone was home, I was taking a longer shower. You have to make a commitment that you’re going to get it done. You don’t need 2 hours/day to gain, I don’t care who you are. You should only need 1/2 hour day if your doing the workouts right (especially in the beginning). Watch out for PI’s. You should have increased morning wood, this is a huge sign in the beginning.

The following is the most important tip of all, and cannot be stressed enough. Do not believe the unrealistic hype about penis size. When I say this, I do not mean “Does size matter” I believe sex has gotten better with a bigger dick. However, I do mean the idea that everyone has an 8 inch plus penis. YEAH DON’T BELIEVE THAT PART. When I look at my penis is the mirror, I sometimes think it does not look much bigger than before and then I measure it with my fingers the same way I use to and I think wow! What I am trying to say is the minds eye is such a horrible indicator for size. There are so many things that go into the equation if you see someone naked. (Hip size, testicle size, height, color of skin) you cannot estimate someone elses size that properly.

Long story short- I hit the back end of my girlfriend (who has a bigger feeling vagina than others girls I’ve been with) and I am just under 7.5 NBP. If I had anymore than 8 inches NBP, sex would be terrible.

OK that’s it for now if you have any questions, post or PM.



Good to hear a story like that. It’s even better to hear that you only needed 1/2 hour for each workout and made great gains.

Jan. '08:.............................................. ..............................................Apri l '13:.........Goal:

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

6.5 BP................................................ ...............................................8.2 5 BP.......... 8.5 BP

Would you be so kind as to detail us on what your exact routine has been?

Originally Posted by UkranianTitan
I started PE on Nov. 1st of 2009 and did not join thunders until much later, I did PE for about 6 weeks before I decided to measure.


Very good post and great gains so far. I am glad you seem to be at peace with yourself now, I hope to one day do the same.

Was (july 07): 5.25 nbp (5.9 bp)X 4.5

July 10 :6.15 nbp (6.65 bp)X 4.8

Goal: 6.75 nbp (7.1 bp) x 5.1 Final goal : 7.25 nbp x 5.3

My theory/philosophy on PE is that there is no perfect routine. I have really gone with my intuition on this one. I started out with the newbie routine. When I began, I wanted the quickest possible gains, so like many others I was tempted to add to my routine. I would always make PI’s the NUMBER 1 focus when assessing what is too much vs too little. This is especially true at the beginning. When you are about six weeks in then you can start going a little harder, and if you turtle a lot, that’s too much.

I know it sounds common sensical, but the above is all you really need to know. Newbie routine + PI’s. When I got past that point, I began focusing on whatever I wanted at the time. I really saw nothing in girth until about May, so this was 6 months without more than 0.1 in girth.

My workout right now consists of:

5-7 minute warmup with cloth
5 minute lig stretches each direction, try and do a few more down than to the side.
5 minute tunica tugs
20 minute jelqing, sometimes switching between jelq and clamping.

You probably shouldn’t clamp until you have PE’d for at least 6 months. The problem with clamping is that if you try and go too hard, it not only hinders future length, but I believe it can hinder future girth.

If you do clamp don’t go crazy about trying to get a lot of expansion. It should always feel relatively comfortable (like a good pump) At the very most I’d get 0.2 expansion with the clamp on. I think that if you just keep adding a little each time. I.E) Fully expanded at 5.5 inches, 3 months later 5.6 inches, 6 months later 5.85 inches, you will see gains.

(I know some reading this have already been PEing for quite long, so ignore the earlier advice)

Again, I do not know how much credence a super-vet would give to what I am saying. None the less, these are my experience is the past year summed up into rather small post.

Another thing that is important that I wanted to mention in my earlier post but forgot about it is this:

When I had a more average size penis, I thought that girls really wanted big dicks. I honestly thought that there was this secret society of big dicked men who knew they could please any women they wanted and that as soon as I got there, I would be golden.

Much like the fall of the wall street broker analogy, from the bottom the top always looks better. At this point most people would not say that I have a monster dick, but I am quite positive that it is larger than 90-95% of the overall populations, and so that makes me feel as though I can speak with from this perspective.

This is something that happened last week. There is this guy I am friends with. He never got with any girls, he was now 24 years old and had hardly lost his virginity. He also admitted to not masturbating until 18. He was always a good looking guy, but over weight. He lost about 60 pounds, got better looking, and had some confidence. He hooked up with a girl and she told a few girls in our group he had a 4 inch dick. I felt so bad I was tempted to tell him about thunders. Anyways, all of these girls ended out liking him anyway. 3 of these girls were so intrigued by this guy who had made this transformation of confidence and physical appearance, and completely disregarded the penis issue.

Well one of the girls who ended up liking him (an old friend of my girlfriends) made a comment to me when I was wearing a tight spandex suit (halloween) she said “Why don’t you pee outside, are you not man enough, and then she pointed at my dick and said “Ohhh wait”. I could understand if the outfit was one that was sort of baggy, and the night was cold, but at the time she said this I just got done rubbing on my girlfriend and had what was legitimately a 7X5 inch (almost semi-erect, but still limp) plump penis. I almost just laughed when she said this because I knew she was out of her mind, or had not looked.

The fact is girls use this as a weapon against us, most of them have never had an 8 inches (even BP) so they don’t know the pro’s and cons of a big penis, and having a common misperception is that the penis is that having a big penis is a nobel prize on your resume when in all reality, it’s just a few hours of volunteer work at the red cross.

Originally Posted by UkranianTitan
I was looking for a link to my first post ever on Thunders, but could not find it

That one?

Penis Obsession

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Excellent post and excellent advice for everyone! I agree that 30 minutes a day (for training days) should be all you need for consistent growth. Everyone is different but this is one of the best posts for newbie’s to read that I have seen in a while. Great job!

Your story about the size issue is also right on. Women really don’t care about size - even when they are just looking to hook up. They do enjoy a bigger one more, but in most cases it is not their motivating factor. Take something as simple as cut vs. uncut - most women I’ve talked to about it really prefer a cut guy. Does that mean that they won’t enjoy sex with an uncut guy? Certainly not! When they get to the point of pulling your pants down, they are way past caring what is inside. If it’s big, nice looking, etc, they consider it a bonus. That isn’t to say they can’t be disappointed, but they would probably put that aside pretty quickly if they like you.

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

Iamaru, yeah that is the one. I think it’s a good read for anyone struggling with penis size. Thanks for the responses.

“I started PE on Nov. 1st of 2009”

Nov 1st 2008, right?

This is a great read for us newbies. Hopefully more of you guys will post stories like this after a year or so to talk about your own personal journey.

Yeah it was Nov. 2008 when I began. Sorry about that.

When I began PE I had a theory that some people will never actually come back to the forum once they reach their goals. Others certainly will, but it’s very easy not to. I wanted to make sure that I did because I remember always having questions such as “Is PE permanent?” “When do people normally plateau?” “If done for years is likely (not just possible) to gain 1+ inch in girth, and 2-3 inches in length?”

Most of these questions cannot be sufficiently answered by people that have only been doing PE for a year or two. These are questions that have to be asked to a person that has went at it for five plus years.

Hopefully, I’ll also see gains of 1.2-1.3in., and .5in. In girth in my first year.

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