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Inner Penis vs. Cell Reproduction Theory

Inner Penis vs. Cell Reproduction Theory

I read the LOT-Theory which means that if you have a low LOT your inner penis is very short and can’t be stretched out anymore and if you have high LOT your inner penis is still long.
This means PE works only with a long inner penis. But others say PE works through cell reproduction?

Who’s right?

Another question is, means a long inner penis a harder erection? Then why would someone stretch the inner penis out? And are there differences between a enlarged penis through PE with stretching the inner penis out and PE with cell reproduction?

LOT is only a theory, yeah I find value in it, but don’t let it mindfuck you. I think your interpretation of Low LOT = can’t be stretched anymore is wrong, IMHO. LOT has value in targeting specific angle of attack.

"It's ALL in your head. You just have no idea how big your head is." - Lon Milo DuQuette "The mind's role in P.E. is more important than the hand that touches the penis." - Mr. Nine Just ignore the crazy old man in his tinfoil-lined pyramid hat, smelling of EVO and muttering Ohhmmm my penis growwwws. He's not always to be taken literally.

I think LOT utilization + jelg & strech is the solution


there are alot of theories and hypothesis out there currently. I’d say use the time your mindfucking currently and rather invest it into exercising (stretching and jelqing, etc.). Latter is definetly the only way you are going to gain, no matter how it actually works. Excersise, excersise, excersise.

Actually the LOT theory states that if you have a high LOT you have tight ligs and less inner penis showing, and if you have a low LOT it means loose ligs and more inner penis showing. It has nothing to do with actual penis length.

You can get length gains in two ways. 1)Lig stretching (LOT theory) 2)Tunica stretching (more or less cell reproduction) So the answer to your question is they are both right.

I’m really not understanding your last question, but let me see if I can figure it out. Are you saying that if you make your dick longer it is harder to get an erection? That is probably true and the reason that we strongly suggest putting kegels in your routine. Bigger penis means more blood needed to get a hard erection. Kegels help that quite nicely.

EDIT: I agree with Eroset and mrdstein, don’t sweat the small stuff. Just do what works. We can get so caught up in over-analyzing things that we are the main reason we don’t gain. :D


I know the longer a penis the weaker is its stability. But I think if the inner penis ist longer the penis is harder because it’s deeper in the body. But if you stretch the inner penis more and more out (i.e. lig-stretching) of the body to get length he loses his stability not only because he is longer but because the inner penis gets shorter. What I want to say, a penis with a longer inner penis is harder because, the resistance is stronger. And through the weaker resistance the erection angle becomes lower (weaker erection).

The other question was if there is a viewable difference between a penis enlarged through lig-stretching and between a penis enlargend through tunica-stretching.

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