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Inner Penis and ligament questions

Inner Penis and ligament questions

I hope these don’t come across as silly questions. I’m educated, but my medical knowledge when it comes to this is limited.

So if the inner penis comes out, what exactly is in the spot the inner penis used to be in?

Also, I realize that the stress on the ligaments stretches then, and makes them longer, but is it possible after years and years of ligament stretches that the ligaments become so weak that they snap. I may be off base but could you compare this to your tendon snapping?


The ligaments will respond to stretch by remodeling and thickening since they are live tissue after all. Though it takes a long time for this type of connective tissue to do so.

Not sure about the inner penis.

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It doesnt really have any spot it used to be in, but it is located below the pubic bone. Nor does it get straight “out” of your body, rather the penis gets detached from the body (pubic bone). This effectively lowers the exit point of the penis and exposing more penis which was previously attached to the body.

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