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I did the newbie routine for about a week, and afterwards, I started hanging and manually clamping. (I was getting addicted, I had gained a “newbie” inch, and I wanted more, damn it)
Today I manually clamped for about 5 min, and I don’t think I really did it harder than before. I mean, I’ve clamped really aggressively in past (I have a good grip), but when I took my hand off of my penis, there was blood everywhere.

I ruptured a vein close to the outside while I was adjusting my grip. It doesn’t look bad, just like a little purple pimple.

Has this happened to anyone before, and how long is this going to take to heal?

(PS: this fucking blows, I’m going to loose the inch I gained.. I just hope I can still fuck.)

You need to lay off and don’t do any PE for maybe a couple weeks (I’ve never had this sort of injury - knock on wood - so I can’t give you any first hand advice). But if you’ve only been doing this for a week you have absolutely no business clamping. There is a reason the newbie routine is there.

I would browse the Injury forum for similar stories and see how it has been handled in the past.

Hope you heal up soon.


Blood everywhere? Oh, man. It actually bled through the skin, it didn’t just bruise? What vein?

Is it a blood blister? If so this has happened to me before from jelqing too hard, but there was no pain or anything, blood just reached the surface of the skin and showed as a little purple/red blister. It’s no big deal if it is, it will go away completely in about 2 days.

Well, shit. I can’t go to a Dr. (No money, no insurance) but it doesn’t look too bad.

Really it’s just an outer vein that popped when I adjusted my grip.

I’m lightly rubbing the whole shaft to get some blood into it, and I wrapped it a little while ago to keep some heat on it.

I hope it gets better

Blood blister? I don’t know.. Like I you know how your veins swell up when you get hard if you’ve been clamping, it was one of the naturally bluish veins, and I put too much pressure on it, and it popped through the skin..

I don’t have “blisters” on my cock.. Could you explain a little better what you mean?

A blister is an area of skin that has a collection of fluid under it. Most of the time blisters are caused by irritation and are filled with a clear to yellowish fluid. A blood blister is the same raised area of skin, but it is filled with blood.

No, it’s not a blister, it’s a vein, and it ruptured because of pressure, not friction (it sprayed blood).

It’s getting a lot better now, I spent all night massaging it VERY gently, and warm wrapped it a good 10 times.

I’m going to try PEing again today. I’m gonna resume jelqing and hanging and manual stretching, but plan on staying away from clamping for a while.

You want to let that fully heal which should require at least a week if not two. Your exuberance is getting in the way of a common sense approach. Let that baby recover and warm wraps and light massage are a good therapy for the near term.

Banned for posting bullshit again - previously Salvo

Maybe you jumped into things too fast. Here only one month and already hanging and manual clamping. I think you want gains too fast. Let it heal FULLY. Then start the newbie routine up again for about a month or two, then you can start adjusting to it.

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