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Okay so today I was masterbating and ejaculated. Everything felt fine until a little while later when I felt a throbbing pain in my penis about mid-shaft. Now the pain didn’t last, but I’m wondering if there is something I should worry about, or am I possibly exercising with too much intensity? Currently I am on the last day of my third week of exercising. My routing is currently as follows.

5-10 min warm wrap
7-10 min stretching
5 min warm wrap
200 hundred 2-3 sec jelqs
20 min hot bath

Night time

5-10 min warm wrap
200 2-3 sec jelqs
50, 5 sec kegel

It just happends…I keep feel that short sharp pain,not too much arround mid shaft after edging,masturbating,have sex…i’m on week 2 from mounth two…It must be the dorsal nerve and i guess until our penises condition (get use to pe) it wil happen

I don’t think it’s an injury

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