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Hey all. I had some time tonight and I was bored so I took a “long shower”. I did maybe 5 min of manual stretches and then jelqed for only 5 or so minutes. I noticed while jelqing that with the lotion I had an IRON grip on my cock and when sliding up, the shaft/head felt as tight as STEEL and I had a couple of dots (normal I know) on the head. After I took a couple of seconds on break, I noticed a single drop of blood exiting the urethra. I tried to squeeze out another one, but it was the only one. I feel no pain, my head looks thicker and swollen (a good sign) and I took some supplements (ie-glutamine, nox and other supplements for healing) and I am taking tomorrow off since it was going to be my off day anyway. Has anyone else had this effect and did it push you out of commission for more than a day or two? My head looks REALLY good and much thicker so I’m hoping that this is a good thing and I know that it is temporarily swollen from the workout, but I hope this type of tight grip jelq will yield some good results, especially increasing my head size..

Thanks guys


I don’t know much about this, as I”m still new, BUT I’d say any sign of blood actually coming out would not be good thing.

This isn’t an unusual situation. Strong jelqing can cause small capillaries to rupture, even within the urethra. As long as it wasn’t continuous or a large amount, you’re OK to continue after a one-day break.

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