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Injury with erect jelqs


Thanks for those interesting advices, I will give it a try. :)

Keep us posted on your health :)

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!


Globaly, my erections didn’t realy improve. I still have the same size than before my injury, but it’s still spongy.

I had my best erection since my injury yesterday, but I had to stimulate a lot while watching porn (I didn’t masturbate).

The cold/hot/massage treatment seems to help.

I was wondering if L-arginine could help?
Also, do you guys have any idea about why my skin was turning red when I was masturbating?

A thing that I don’t understand is that I got a 100% erection few hours later the injury.

I don’t know about the red skin, but seriously dude - hold off on the erections and masturbation for a while longer… if you are seeing improvement now, then keep resting :)

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Yeah, I’m really worried about that injury (who wouldn’t?), and I can’t help but check how my cock is healing. The last 2 months has been terrible to me.

I noticed some improvement the last few days, thanks to that hot/cold treatment. :)

Soooo.. 3 months and a half after the injury..

I gained some hardness in my erections, and I have some more morning woods.

My erections are still not at best, and I have the feeling that the last bit of recovering are going to be the longer too.

My penis is less subject to the red skins/veins I was talking about before.

Overall, somedays my erections are not far from what it used to be, some other days, they are a bit weaker. My cock can be hard, but still pretty flexible to the left and right.

I take advantage of this injury to do a porn detox. I’ve been exposed daily to porn since way too long, and I think this is affecting dramatically my erections, libido, and efforts into finding a girlfriend.

Also, I am wondering what exactly is my injury.

I was still 100% after that hour of jelq session, and I had an other 100% erection latter that day.

While jelqing I didn’t had any sign of injury except a pain at the middle right side of my penis which lasted like 1 second.

It all happened the next day when I couldn’t get it up at all.

Now the apparent sign of the injury are darker little veins, and very little veins who are turning red if I try to masturbate.

I can keep my erections while up.

At least things are improving…albeit slowly. You should be 100% soon.

Take some time off!

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