Injury unrelated to PE

This isn’t related to a PE injury but hoping someone might have some useful advise to offer.

A little background. I get horny as hell, can get an erection morning, noon and night, but it’s the quality of the erection that concerns me. I used to have a slight upward angle or hard as a rock straight out. Now it gets about 85% hard doesn’t raise up as far as it used to. I’m in my 40’s, don’t smoke, in good shape though I do drink too much.

Here is my theory and what I hope someone may be able to help out with - I was snowboarding 2 years ago and fell backward and tore some lower ab muscles. There is actually a gap there where there wasn’t before. I was in pain for months, couldn’t laugh, sneeze or cough without nearly crying. It was so close to my penis it actually got a terrible bruise, turned black, then green, then yellow. Went to the doctors several times freaking out. Got a CAT Scan and that pretty much showed nothing. Dr finally told me it was the torn ab and the pain would eventually go away but the muscle, more like a web between the muscles, wouldn’t grow back.

So, recently I have started putting the 2 together and wonder if that ‘muscle’ may be effecting the quality of erection and what I can do about it. I am slowly getting back in to ab workouts as it still hurts to stress the area too much. Has anyone heard of such a thing? Returning to the Dr is out as I am currently unemployed and no insurance.

Thank you for any input,