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Injury? or over training

Injury? or over training

So I came across Thunders place a few years back in hopes of finding valuable information on this particular subject that is PE. I never created a profile until now instead I’ve just been reading an cruising through the forum finding the many questions and answers I found myself asking about PE in the countless threads people post over the past 2 years.

Little personal information, I’ve been PE-ING for about 2 years on and off. Have had noticeable gains in both length an girth that have both come and gone through the many breaks I take with PE

I’ve always stuck to old school jelqs, no pumps, extenders, no crazy apparatus you strap on your junk, none of that. Although I do use a metal ring that I put around my shaft to increase blood flow while jelqing. I like to keep it as simple as possible with manual hand exercises which I got great results with.

Anyways, so let’s cut to the chase, last May I was nearing the end of an intense jelq session which included a variety of manual hand exercises (bundled jelq[my personal favorite], Ulis, horse squeezes, side jelqs, 2 handed-compressor, etc). My junk was so engorged but as I went to do a warm down (in shower 5minutes) I noticed a lump of God knows what right below the glands(head) right smack dab on my foreskin. A raised blob of some sort, I was immediately concerned that I might have injured my penis or even broken it possibly, This was the first session this happened to me, I do not know if I might have over-trained or over stressed it, after a couple hours it subsided. But ever since that session if I reach an intense point in a given session where I am very engorged and am trying to squeeze as much blood as possible sometimes I will get that same Lump right on my foreskin cut line, which always subsides. Does not happen every sessions, but when I push myself or my junk that is it will sometimes more than likely appear

Questions of mine, has anybody had something like this happen? Is this some sort of blood spillage?

I don’t have an accurate answer on this, but check out “lymphocele” .

What does happen when you press on it? Is it colourless?

Don’t make your shaft explode when you jelq/squeeze.

Just sounds like a standard bit of lymph-bloat to me. Nothing to worry about.

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Probably. But, take a two week break. No PE, no masturbation. Then resume. If it happens again, see a physician because it may have formed a cyst. I’ve never seen one on the penis but it’s possible. In that case it likely would not go away on its own.

when performing hard Ullis and squeezes all bad I had was bleeding a little from the hole and some red dots, in a few days it was ok, perhaps it would have been wiser taken more time

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The lump itself is colorless and painless, it appears usually after intense sessions and subsides fully within a couple hours.

Could I have possibly broke the lining of the corpus spongiosum or corpus cavernosum?

Lymph fluid is more likely.

If you had broken your corpus it would be quite different from painless .

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