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Injury Help and Lesser Erections

Injury Help and Lesser Erections

Hey everyone,
I’ve been doing some PE on and off for about 4 years now but never really anything consistent. I’ve found that jelqing works great for me but stretching is a no-no, and I think I may have injured myself or something through stretching or maybe kegels, if that’s even possible.

I’m trying to think of the best way to start my story. It’s been happening over a couple of years and it was never anything too serious, but it’s starting to affect my sex life and I need to take action now and solve this problem.
Ok, let me start with my symptoms. I’ve noticed a lower sex drive in general and less powerful erections, even when I’m really horny, which seems kinda rare now. It’s like not enough blood is going to my unit, and I have to try and push more blood there when it should just be automatic. It’s become really difficult to get hard just using my imagination and fairly difficult with just pictures, porn seems to work but even then it’s like my erections aren’t at 100%, maybe 80% - 85% and I don’t last long at all.

I also started noticing problems when urinating. My stream is less powerful, it can be harder to start and I have to give several extra “pushes” at the end to get all the piss out. These problems seem to come and go though and one day it will be better and then another it will be worse, but overall it seems to have gotten better but still not 100%.

Here’s what I think caused it. I started with jelqing and then added stretching, the jelqing always went fine but the stretching seemed to tax my unit, but it was giving my great gains so I continued to do it. Often I would stretch when I wasn’t fully flaccid because it seemed almost impossible to get fully flaccid after jelqing. Sometimes after stretching my penis seemed kinda numb and, how do I put this, maybe floppy? I would hold it from the base and move it around and the top part would just flop over to the side. I thought this was normal and figured giving it sometime would help, which it did but things never seemed to fully recover.

My problems started maybe 2 years ago, today many of the symptoms are gone but I still have the “80%” erections and occasional issues with a weak urine stream and trouble starting. Sometimes my penis also feels somewhat numb and less sensitive. I seem to get morning wood less often and used lower EQ in general.

What would you guys recommend to help this problem? Daily hot wraps? Kegels? I would like to come up with a good regimen to follow.

Thanks for any help.

It more sound like problems of age then anything else, imho. Kegels is probably the best way to go if you want stronger erections, io i’ve read.


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