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Injury after recovery from thrombosed vein

Injury after recovery from thrombosed vein

Last January I got a thrombosed vein due to intense jelqing. I took 4 months off from any PE/sexual activity and it returned to normal around May. I didn’t resume PE since I was still afraid. In July, after a few intense masturbation sessions, I started sensing a pain in the left side of my penis (the same side where the thrombosis happened). Sometimes the pain lingers, but for the most part I only feel it when more than half-erect or masturbating. It isn’t a thrombosis though.

More importantly, there is a small area on the underside half an inch under the head that is often tender and painful to touch, which causes a major problem for any sexual activity. I also feel a bit of an indentation next to that area. My erections are no more than %70-80. Any harder feels uncomfortable on the left side. I have taken a 3 week break from sex and masturbation. Anyone else have any experience similar to this? Is there any thing else I should be doing?

I would really appreciate some help with this.

Stop punishing your penis.

I have. I’ve laid off everything for 3 weeks now. I’m only worried that this is something permanent. If anyone has any insight on this I’d love to hear it.

I’m talking about after your lay off. Take it easy next time and with masturbation too.

Luckily, time heals all, or almost all wounds. Keep being patient with the healing process. As things start to improve, just work on achieving the best erections you can using nice massage techniques. Don’t try to make it bigger. Just try to make it harder until you recover full strength. The process of achieving full erections will restore more and more blood flow to the damaged areas and help them heal.

It sounds like you’re beating the hell out of your penis.

I would recommend seeing a urologist.

Originally Posted by gprent
As things start to improve, just work on achieving the best erections you can using nice massage techniques. Don’t try to make it bigger.

Can you please elaborate on the massage techniques?

If u want your erections then leave the penis structure to heal. Keep doing kegels so you don’t loss too much sexual ability, stamina or potency during recovery period…
… as you continue to heal your penis shaft will restructure and prepare for the rigors of PE and sex. When you feel healed, rejuvenate penis sensitivity and liveliness with edging and warm raps even pleasing it in an effort to reconnect it with it desire for stimulation and pleasure. From there on, you may balloon for short sessions. Don’t do up to one hundred jelqs yet and don’t do them hard. Go beyond this only if full restoration functionality and a disappearance of pain has been achieved for at least two months

If you look at what I have suggested you will see that almost every exercise I have mentioned is targeted at restoring old penis functionality. Size will easily follow up in the process. Recovering old size is easy since it been achieved before..

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Thanks for the responses. I have an infra-red heat lamp and I’ve been using that to help with the healing. How often and how long do you think I should be using it, if at all?

Pamper and heat as oftern as possible. Massage your way into edging before any out-lined routine.


What are your clues that this is a “thrombosed vein”?



It is not a thrombosed vein. I had one in that same area a year ago. Shortly after recovery from that the pains started.

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