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I just started and read this


Is PE dangerous? Most things I’ve read have stated that injuries are usually temporary and minor, but that post sounds TERRIBLE. What’s the deal?

That post is terrible and probably full of bullshit too.

Have you read this thread yet?

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If not, give it a good thorough read and then drop down to the Injuries Forum and do some reading there. That way you can get a good handle on what potential injuries are and how to avoid them.

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Yes, as long as you follow the link Thunder posted you are safe but do NOT, I repeat NOT Jelq erect. Thats going to fuck you up.

Hmmm.. Maybe you should say DO NOT jelq erect unless you have conditioned your penis well. I jelq erect at about 80-100%. It feels great :D

After about a month and a half of PE, I can now safely jelq at about 90% to 100%. You just have to know when to let the pressure down. I only do about 5 to 10 jelqs at the 90-100 level and then let it go down to 50% or so doing some form of bending or head squeezing, then jelq back up to the 90-100 area. Don’t do it until you really know your penis and it’s limits.

After a while, but a newbie should not under any circumstances jelq at those levels. It will screw up your dick and you will probably have reduced gains.

I know three people who have Jelqed erect and injured them self. All got permanently damages ( ED, deformity, nerve damage, discoloration etc) Yes they were all Newbies BUT when they all get permanently injuries which haven’t gone away after years of resting, you have to start realising how dangerous this is. I wouldn’t do it, even if my cock was “conditioned”. Never. I don’t want to take the risk of damaging my cock for the rest of my life. How do you think a 18 year old kid is going to coop with the fact that his dick will never work as it did and that’s something he is forced to live with for the REST OF HIS LIFE. Just because some erect jelqs “felt” good. Situations like that is VERY hard, not only for the individual but also for people who knows it and it could all be prevented.

But, it’s your choice. Nobody is going to stop you. You have been warned. Is it worth it?

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Well there you have it. You said it yourself. ".They were all newbies.” You rarely if not never hear about vets injuring themselves by doing high pressure dry jelqing. This is because they have done enough PE and exercises to know their limitations as well as conditioned their penis well enough. And yes, dry jelqing is worth it. I have gotten great gains from dry jelqing combined with stretching. I know when my penis has had enough and when to stop, how much pressure to apply to my penis before it hurts or causes discomfort.

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