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Injuries from stretching? Longer stretching = more gains?

Injuries from stretching? Longer stretching = more gains?

I’ve heard a lot about not overdoing the jelqing bit of PE, but what about stretching?

I’ve kept it down to 20-30 minutes each day since I started, but I don’t get tired and I think I could go on for a much longer period of time. But would that be worth it? Does extended stretching lead to more gains, or simply a higher risk of injury?



I’ve done a lot of stretching in the past and still stretch with an ads and light weights. I can say without reservation that stretching thruout the day and into the evening certainly does lead or should lead to future gains.

20- 30 mins a day is not enough. You want to deform the tissues with heavy weight then keep your unit elongated as long or as much as possible to heal in that state. I stretch 8- 10 hrs most days, 1 hr on, 1 hr off. At the end of a long stretch day I can feel the fatique setting in (which is what you’re after anyway). Staying stretched (or in traction) for at least 1 hr after a heavy hang session will bring changes in the flaccid state first.

This of course is just my opinion but works for me.


If you could do multiple sets of 20 minutes, with 5-10 minutes of jelqing in between to restore circulation, I say go for it. I usually can’t find the time for more than one set of 20 min at once, so if there are some spare minutes in the morning or night, I’ll do a total of 2 stretching sets per day. Although one 20 minute set sounds like you could gain maybe 3/4 to 1” per year, I’ll go for multiple sets and hopefully gain ATLEAST 1” per year. At that rate, you would be looking at reaching your goal in a year and a half. Good luck.

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I take it you’re talking about manual stretching and not hanging. I’m currently discovering my boundaries of manual stretching.

I have recently been doing multiple stretch routines throughout the day. At first everything was going well. I would do my warmup followed by about 30-45 minutes of fairly intense stretching. After this I would rest five minutes do another warmup and jelq for 30 minutes. I would also get in 2 10-15 minute stretching sessions during the day. I figured it would keep me stretched out throughout the day. I have been doing a 3 on 1 off schedule. I ‘ve also been working on longer holds for the stretches, 3 to 4 minutes at a time. I have been receiving decent gains with this workout however I am also coming back from an extended break which may have something to do with it.

This routine was going well for several weeks but I have recently(since Monday) been feeling rather strained. Not sore or in pain but feeling a bit overstretched if you know what I mean. I’m taking a few days off to rest up a bit and I think I will cut out the extra stretching sessions, at least for a couple weeks.

To answer your question, yes, I do think extended stretching could quite easily lead to injury if you don’t pay attention to your dick. And I also think these longer stretching sessions are producing excellent gains. Just pay attention and realize there is a limit.

In a couple days I’ll be back at it tryin to work up to a 5 minute manual stretch (ow my achin’ hands)

Good Luck,

Thank you all for responding.
I’ll try doing two 20-30min sessions a day, and possibly a short one as well if I find the time.

Mugwomp: What are your gains so far?

After taking the extended break and being on this routine for 6 weeks now I have gained 1/4 EL and 1/8 EG. I’ve gained 3/4 EL since joining Thunders and I’ve gained 1 inch EL and 3/8 EG total since I started.

Good gains. When did you start? I am anxiously awaiting my first measurment date, which is four days away. :)

do yall stretch and jelq eeryday or just stretch everyday

I try to strecth each and every day, while taking breaks when it comes to jelqing. Usually 3 days on, 1 day off. But hey, I’m just a newbie! :)

Hello, I am by no means even a beginner at stretching. (still doing newbie routine.)

But having been involved in personal training and other sports most of my life I know that in almost every case there is very thin line between getting the most out of your workout and injury. I would say it is usually best to try not to get to that line because an injury can set you back much more than slightly slower gains I would think.

Basically you would probably see more gains by stretching more…but there may be a point where you feel like its working and then do it too much….that is that thin line between best-results and injury.

injury issues/traction device and PE

Hi, I just want to follow up on what Deuska said about the fine line between between maximising a workout and causing injury. I’m a newbie and I picked up on what Mugwomp said about “feeling rather strained”. I’ve arrived at this state about 4 weeks into the program. As Mugwomp described, there is no pain but I’ve treated that overstretched feeling as a warning. I cut short a PE stretching session two days ago when I felt a slight sharp feeling towards the base of the penis. I attemped another stretch and stopped immediately when I felt another slight pain. Not sure if anyone else has observed this warning sign, but the penis had seemed less “willing” to stretch out after the warm up during that aborted session - and I was conscious of that overstretched feeling before starting. I had earlier taken two days off when blood spots became prominent on the head, presumably from jelqing. So I can see that an attempt to gain too much can be counterproductive if you are forced into a stop/start routine with downtime through actual or pre-emptive healing periods.

I would appreciate some guidance from the members but in particular if anyone is combining traditional PE (hand stretching and jelqing) with the use of a traction device (in my case AndroPenis). The device came as part of a $300 package (yes, expensive) with pills and membership to a PE site. The PE site gives sample PE workouts based on a five day workout, with two rest days. The traction device manual speaks of a daily routine, with no mention of breaks. The PE site makes no mention of traction devices, nor does the traction device make mention of supplementary PE routines. Thus, on a safety level, I think I may have caused my “overstretched” feeling and those warning sensations (slight pain) during hand stretching when I used the traction device on my PE “rest” days. Admittedly, I was still in the acclimatising stage with the device and it was set to a low level, but still there was some tension on the penis for up to three hours on my supposed PE rest days.

If someone is using this twin approach (basic PE with hand stretches and jelq) and a traction device then I would be grateful for any tips and cautions. I’ll just add I expect to manage only about three hours a day use of the traction device on working days (contrary to website promo, you can’t wear this to the office!) and a few hours on days off. Until I hear otherwise from members, I will apply rest days for the traction device, to ensure that two days a week are exercise/tension free to avert injury. At the moment, I’m left feeling a bit uneasy about whether the two approaches are compatible - or safe when combined.

By the way, I came across this site after ordering the traction device, so it was only later I came across some negative posts about traction devices. This is my first posting, so I’m not sure if this is the right thread. Bear with me, folks. Look forward to your insights.

You know, Aphelion, I’m sitting here hanging, trying to stay flaccid, and then I see your avatar. …. Down boy …

To avoid being totally unhelpful, I’ll add these 2 cents. It’s very difficult to do manual stretches for long periods of time. Hard on the hands, and tough to multi-task.

If you’re interested in stretching, you might want to try hanging. I’m too new to hanging to give a personal testimonial yet, others have certainly had large gains.

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
You know, Aphelion, I’m sitting here hanging, trying to stay flaccid, and then I see your avatar. …. Down boy …

Haha, sorry about that! :chuckle:

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
To avoid being totally unhelpful, I’ll add these 2 cents. It’s very difficult to do manual stretches for long periods of time. Hard on the hands, and tough to multi-task.

If you’re interested in stretching, you might want to try hanging. I’m too new to hanging to give a personal testimonial yet, others have certainly had large gains.

That’s just my point though, sometimes my hands really don’t get tired. I think I could go on for an hour with just manual stretching. It would, of course, be more practical to hang though. I’m thinking about trying ADS some time soon.

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