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Injurie or straight pain

Injurie or straight pain

Hi every here!

I am newbie in PE, I just discovered a few week ago and I decided to start my PE Training last week.
I began by PE newbie routine 5 min warm up , 15 min jelq, 15 min stretch, 5 kegel, 5 min warm down.I did everyday until now.

I not sure for now if PE work really but I can already see some benefits as more pressure when I erec, bigger flaccid state and beside training relaxing me well :-) , my girl friend lives in New York and me in France so it’s sometimes pretty difficult :-/..

I have a question about training intensity. As well I am a beginner, I don’t know well my unit yet, and I don’t want “broke” it , I think everybody here understand me ^^

So how I can’t manage to make difference between pain like injuries or straight pain who leads to future gain ? Cause I’ve got some pain on my unit since yesterday, this is not a big pain, but I am affraid if become injurie.

I practice sport, I know to make physical progress, you have to got sometimes muscle ache, but for PE it’s difficult to know the limit between “progress pain” and “injuries”

I have also an other question.This is more efficient to make two straight training in the day or one intensive training ?
(I read that more often your unit is “stimulated more gain you do but I read also that intensity is good for gain :-/)

Thank everybody!


Sports rule: no pain, no gain.

PE rule: if it hurts, don't do it!

Slight soreness is ok. Pain is bad.

First things first. Stop PEing until the pain goes away.

Keep your jelq grip about the same as your masturbation grip. Keep your PE in the Pleasure Zone.

I will post a couple articles when I get to my computer later.

Ok thanks for reply

But I am not sure, you mean’s when I jelq I have to put pressure like masturbating?? Really ?

Cause for now I squeeze very much harder my unit when I jelq than masturbating.Anyway the goal is to take more blood e extend tissu

For me at now , it’s really difficult to know difference between Slight soreness and pain.maybe if I am wondering it’s because it’s not really pain, but I use to have a good tolerance to physical pain especially to sport activity.

But someone can confirm the squeezing level when jelqing?

Do not squeeze harder than when you masturbate. Or maybe just a tiny bit harder. NO PAIN.

Here are the articles I wanted you to read:

Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:
Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

They will guide you in determining if you are doing too much.

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