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Progress update.

Pain is still the same. Yesterday the pain was way less. I thought yes I am recovering :) but today the pain is the same as before such a downer :( The diazepam helps a bit to reduce it, but not completely takes the pain away. Must have patience :(
I was googeling and came across this..

((((Kanabo Rejuvenation - Revival support, 60 tabs, (Proactive Natural)
Herbs in this blend, such as Dioscorea Opposita, Poria Cocos, Cornus Officinalis, Atractylodes Macrocephala, Alima Plantago, Opiopogon, and Soy Isoflavones, directly or indirectly replenish nerve and tissue growth factors. In turn, the building blocks for stimulation rejuvenation and restoration are provided, shortening the lengthy repair and response process that often takes months to complete.)))

Is this a lot of bull or can it help with my recovery?

Bull. You don’t need it. Ask your doctor if it is OK to take Ibuprofen with your current medications. More than two weeks of pain or other symptoms-see your doctor again.

Yes 2 weeks that’s also what the doctor told me.

The strange thing is, sinds the last 3 days when I just wake up there almost isn’t any pain or discomfort it builds up during the day

In the first week it was during the hole day. So maybe a little progress.

Give it time, the website you mentioned is connected with Dr Lin, so it is bullshit.

Originally Posted by Walter5169

Give it time, the website you mentioned is connected with Dr Lin, so it is bullshit.


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Progress update

Its going much better now! :) :) :)

Almost no pain any more. Each day its going better.

Such a relief!

I had fever friday and because I have no spleen I have to take antibiotics to prefent for brain infections.
I don’t know if that was doing the trick for me but sinds then its going much better.

So next weekend I hope I can have sex with my girlfriend again and hope it will work like it dit before

I wanked it today after 2 weeks not touching it. It feld good.
I think it shrinkt a little and I came after 1 minute.
Thats proberly because its the first time in my life that I didnt play with it in 2 weeks. Haha
Hope that that is going better in time

Thank you guys for all the support!!

I will keep you posted

Pain is back :(

Maybe it was the diazepam what did the trick .

I’m getting immune for the diazepam I think. I am going to ask the doctor for a higher doses.

Does anyone know if its normal with a irritated nerve that one day the pain is almost gone and the next day its back.

I also did go to the gym monday for the first time in 3 weeks. Only did biceps and chest. Can that be the cause of being in more pain now?


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