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I injured the side of my dick while jelqing. Now everytime I get a boner that area hurts. What should I Do? Any remedies for this? Please help Thanks

Does it hurt to touch or just hurt in general when you have an erection? I definatly would hold off on PE’ing because I think that could definatly make things worse than they are right now. I’m no expert but I would recommend rest from PE’ing and a heating pad/rice sock every morning and night.

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Do you have bruising? Did you pinch a nerve? You need to explain more. The first thing you need to do is plan on taking a break. I would recommend at least 2 weeks. Also quit masturbating in this time too. Your unit needs time to heal. If you have a heating pad or rice sock, use it as heat helps to heal.

Ok it hurts just below the head on the left side. I feel some pain when it’s hard or when I touch it. I will definitley stop PEing for a while. How often do I apply the hot wrap or ice treatment?

Don’t use ice! That will only make your dick retract inside. Use heat-rice sock or heating pad. 2 to 3 times a day. If you have an Infrared lamp it would be even better. Infrared helps heal faster as it penetrates the skin and works deep.

After you injury is healed, quit squeezing your cock so hard when you jelq. You don’t need to squeeze so hard to get results.

I think I experienced the same thing whilst jelqing, I went a bit over the top and I got some pain along the left hand side of my penis, after a couple of days of rest it went away, I started jelqing again, and got the same pain on the left, It goes away after a while, and I haven’t been negativly affected as of yet, so my guess is, ease up on your jelqs.

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