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Injured Already

Injured Already

So one day I was pulling the crap out of my penis about two and a half weeks ago and I have a bad case of ED now. How long til you think this goes away. I was having no problems until I gave myself a really really intense pulling stretch from the base with a full grip with my hand. Any idea what the ED is from?

There is a pain toward the bottom bases, well more like the middle, on the side you can’t see from looking down

Originally Posted by UserName86
There is a pain toward the bottom bases, well more like the middle, on the side you can’t see from looking down

Does this pain only happen when you’re pulling your dick or all on its own? In all likelihood, you’ve stressed a lig. Just don’t do any PE for awhile until you’re feeling back to your old self. The fact that you’ve now injured yourself may also make you psychologically fearful of having ED. Try to avoid playing even more mind games on yourself when it comes to your dick. Try to get natural erections on your own or use porn occasionally to test out the waters and encourage blood flow in your dick. Relax and take time to recover. You’ll be fine, but the lesson that “no pain, no gain” doesn’t apply with PE has probably been learned.

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Any bruising, discoloration of any sort or deformations?

You were pulling crap out of your penis? That’s not how it’s supposed to go. So how did you grip? Just a fistful from the base? Describe your situation with a little more detail.

Well it’s really pink at the bottom right now, the part that is injured is the soft part on the bottom. More towards the back. Is that a better description? And yea, lesson learned. Just hope this ED goes away within the next couple weeks since morning wood disappeared right after it and hasn’t come back yet.

My grip was as much of the shaft using the palm of my hand starting at the base

Oh and my flaccid length is like half normal. This injury sucks no one has any ideas on what I might have hurt?

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