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Initial measurements


Initial measurements

5.5” EG
5.75” NBPEL

I feel these are decent measurements, but I’d really like to reach at least 7+” NBPEL and 6.5+” EG.

And so begins my PE experience!

Good luck on your journey. You are starting at my starting size (…well close to it).

2005: 5.5 EL & 5.6 EG, FL: 4in > Now: 7.5 NBP & 6.1 MEG, 5.8 BG (Goal: MORE !)

Stumpy1's Progress Thread

Everytime I Visit Thunders, I Do 50 Kegels or More

You are starting at a nice size, bigger than me after my gains in both dimensions. I’m sure others will say the same things, but start slow, follow all the good advice around here, ask questions, and take pictures before you start (even if you don’t share them). Others may also chime in with warnings about the EG goal, to which I will say that an inch difference in Girth is HUGE.

Best of luck and Welcome!

11 JULY 2007 - BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.75" NBPEL: 4.5"

11 JUNE 2008 - BPEL: 6.75" EG: 5.0" Base EG: 5.5"

KingPole is my Sensei - Goal: Just a little bit more - Progress/Routine - My Pictures - Perfect Measuring Technique

I know the consequences. :D

Thanks guys, the length is pretty obviously the more important thing to me. I’m doing 5 min (working to ten) stretching and 50 (working to 200!) wet jelqs to start off with, and will record the new measurements then. Hopefully I see some good gains!

^^ That’s my routine for month 1, at the end of which I will record new measurements, and post them here.

I think I feel a girth change already, but I”m not going to take a serious measurement until the end of next week. I have started to employ clamping after I get done with wet jelqs, for one set between 5-10 minutes after reading the tunica vs soft muscle article. I think I need to up my soft muscle/girth before I’ll really make any definitive length gains.

I personally can’t do like 200 jelqs, because I have a hard time going over 50 without starting to get sore? The head of my junk starts to get a little sore, which I’m sure is probably a signal I’m doing it right? (Obviously expanding your dick wouldn’t feel the most comfortable ever whilst doing it.)

You have the same starting measurements as me. If your like me you put on girth by just looking at it!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Let’s hope! I would really love length but let’s be honest. Nothing stuns like a coke can in the pants! :D

I think the combination of jelqing and clamping is working well, it just requires more rest.. Which sucks. I’m also toying with the idea of buying/creating a pump, just for kicks and giggles.

I’m really going to start hammering down on the newbie stretches though, a lot of people get great length gains from un-tightening those tendons.

Originally Posted by MNstrength
Let’s hope! I would really love length but let’s be honest. Nothing stuns like a coke can in the pants! :D


True, I wouldn’t sacrifice the girth, but anything over 7” and im happy.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I want to nail 7” NBPEL and 6.5” EG.

I really don’t understand which I should work towards first, I guess I just have to find out?

They say length first, then girth—I don’t think I’ve seen a veteran say otherwise.

HOLY FACKING SHIAT. Since the 19th (not even two weeks)

Todays EG-6.1
Todays NBPEL-6.1
Todays BPEL- 7.4

HURRAH FOR PE! My erections are getting muuuuuch harder and thicker, thanks to my girth extravaganzas.



Awesome. Go for length first.

You doing the newbie routine?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Sorta. I do a few minutes of stretches before most workouts, then I do 40-80 jelqs (I’m building up to 200, I think I do these more intensely than most people.) and then I do a few sets of clamping. 5-10 minutes, 3 sets at the very most. Usually two sets of clamping.

Warmup and warmdown in shower.

Congrats MNstrength,

How you doing your clamping; with hands or cable clamps and do you have rest days? Also where do you focus your stretcing ligs or tunica?

Again awesome gains, wonder where you’ll be in another 2 weeks.

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