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Infra red lamp definitely the best way to warm up

Infra red lamp definitely the best way to warm up

I just got my infra red lamp today and it’s great

I have been using a flannel run under hot water or a wheat bag that’s been in the microwave for 1min up until now,

Problem with the flannel is obviously you get wet, I use a Penimaster so I don’t really wanna be wet else it will keep slipping off!

Problem with the wheat bag is you have to hold it there for the full 5mins or whatever and it loses it’s heat rapidly.

I have to say the infrared lamp is easily my favourite, just sit there basking the the red glow and let the lamp do all the work for you!

Hope this helps someone in someway

I use a bag that has corn kernels in it. I pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes, and then I lay down for 10 minutes or so and place it between my legs. Considering how cold it’s been where I live lately, I need the heat regardless!

Now, some on here sound like they use heat while doing PE, so I imagine having the light would help out in that department.

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IR lamps rule. Convenient to use and the heat seams to remain longer in the tissue.

I love to stroke my cock during warmup before a jelq-session. When warm enough I’ve reached just the right level of arousal to keep the 80% erection during the whole workout.

Get a lamp!

Why do people not consider electrically powered heating pads the best? To me they’re great. They wrap all the way around so heating entire dick all at once, and they never cool off so you can leave it on entire time hanging, stuff like that. I would imagine IR lamps can only heat one side of your dick at a time. So you would constantly have to change the position of the lamp. And even if was doing that it would be hard to reach certain areas like the underside of base, for example.

IR lamps heat everything, trust me. It goes through the skin. Nothing quite heats like infrared. Plus, you can use it while you are doing your routine, which is a great plus for sure.

how much are they?

There are 3 different kinds of heat transfer: convection, radiation, and conduction. Why do you feel radiation is superior to conduction.? When a heating pad is wrapped around a dick, the heat gets conducted through the entirety of dick. I mean, isn’t the dick like 90% water molecules or something — one of the most thermally conductive substances that exists? It’s not as if dicks have insulation in them that prevents conduction. I willing to believe that IR is The Shit, but I’m playing devil’s advocate — I want someone to tell how this can be though. To me the fact that IR lamp can only heat one side of dick at a time would have to be a disadvantage.

IR penetrates 30 mm (or was it 40?) into tissue. The exact number is in a post in one thread or another here.

Be sure to cover your balls with cloth (cotton is fine - IR doesn’t really penetrate that) to make sure that sperm production isn’t harmed. It might be harmful for your testes to be repeatedly heated - better safe than sorry.

regards, mgus

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I agree, IR lamps rule. I even contributed to our Wiki about them. The hot wrap is so 1999 :p

IR Lamp

The infra lamp did not work for me, now I am useing a heating pad, after 5 minutes my cock is nice and hot.

I just take my morning showers and then off I go.

How can an infrared lamp “not work for you” ??

Turn it on heat comes out and you hold it over yourself for 5mins.

I think I have used everything in the past. I am still a fan of the microwaveable gel pack applied over a damp flannel (moisture really helps with heat penetration). The rice sock has its good points. But I have to agree; the infra-red lamp is the best. The heat does thoroughly penetrate right through the penile tissues and it can be used during the whole PE session.

Radiation (ir-lamp) penetrates better than convective heat transfer. The latter is transported OUT OF YOUR DICK by the blood system (veins). Ir radiates through the vessels (althogh partly leaving your dick as well through blood vessels. Therefore, imo too, ir rules.

Later - ttt

Hei guys,

I’ve been reading this thread and now I am pretty positive I want to buy an IR lamb. The only question is what kind? I’ve been looking in ebay for some Infrared heat lamb but they seem to be different sizes, shapes and/or watts.Could you share what IR lamb did you buy and which one you think is the best?


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