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Information on PE

Information on PE

I started doing my PE exercise for 2 weeks. I have started doing 600 strokes of wet jelq, 20 min of dry jelq, and 10 min of stretching exercise everyday but saturday. Is there anything that i should include and avoid in my exercise. also please tell me what is a cut or un cut penis and please also tell is this information important while doing exercises.

my current size is length 5 n
girth 4.5in

target length 7.5 in
girth 6 in
How long will it take me to achieve this target

>How long will it take me to achieve this target<

That varies tremendously.

1-5 years, maybe.

Expect for your gains to plateau a couple of times before you reach your goal.

Hi Loyal,

600 Jelqs is a lot for a newbie especially of two weeks. How long does this take you (400 used to take me around 45-50 mins)? Are you doing 2-3 second strokes?

I would just stick to 200 jelqs for at least the first month, maybe alternating between overhand and underhand grip.

A cut penis is a circumcised one, an uncut one isn’t.

It will take you as long as it takes you to get to your goal size, some people are fast gainers, others aren’t. Everyone is different, might take you 6 months, may take you 6 years. Who knows?

Hope this helps. Good luck with the gains, and welcome to the forum.

Melvin :)


Well I take 30- 45 min of jelq. I actually started doing it about 6months ago for 2 weeks and left it seeing no results. After going through all these forums which says it takes full dedication and some time, I have started the exercises again.
I am having some nightmare regarding these exercises though. Everytime I do Dry jelq, region near head gets big and fill with blood just like a ballon. Is it common during these exercises.

Also I usually get erection during jelq but i continue to do jelqing. People say it is dangerous but I am not feeling any pain of any kind. How do u know if u are hurting ur penis.

Hey loyal,

Welcome to the forum. Please read the Forum Guidelines.


You are doing too much to soon. Read the top thread in this forum for more information.

Damn, you quit in the past after not seeing results in two weeks? If PE was that easy, everybody would have a big dick. Give it three months minimum.

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Hi guys,

I like to do my routine in the PM. Is it a good idea to do the whole exercise in one sitting. Or is it written in stone that you have to jelq AM And PM?

I make up for the one session by doubling the reps.


That’ a crap load too much. You should start at 5-8mins per day with wet jelqs, and that is enough at first. Then work yourself up to 20-25minutes per day. When you reach this amount it’s the quality and hardness of the jelq that matters, not the time you spend abusing your penis.

I’m new as well , but I’d say if you are jelqing with a full erection and it’s not hurting. Then you aren’t jelqing correctly. Or you’re full erection is soft. There should be a pulling motion that will hurt a little if fully erect.

Quit after 2 weeks huh with a name like loyal? I guess you named yourself in a sarcastic sense?

I do not know where these exorbitant number of reps come from because it is not necessary to choke your member for 200 strokes per session, there is the possibility of overkill. There are analogies to skeletal muscle workouts and soft muscle workouts i.e. you would not do 200 bicep curls or 10sets of 20 bicep curls because the excessive reps would not be achieving anything more than what 3sets of 20 curls would achieve. So, stop with the iron-penis workouts; its not helping you, you can achieve the tissue breakdown with as little as 10 jelqs exerting the proper pressure for the appropriate duration. You will feel a prickly sensation in your glans when the breakdown is occurring (capillaries under stress) this can be realized quickly, especially when you first start out, after that you might as well wait 24hrs because the damage is done. To continue after the trauma does nothing; in fact, you could do more harm then good in many cases. You must proceed with some modicum of sensibility when approaching PE.

Thanks for the suggestion
I have reduced my jelq strokes to 300 per day but I’m doing it strongly. I don’t feel any pain for the first 150-200 strokes after that I start to feel some pressure. Is it normal.

I do my exercise in different times I do my jelq in shower in AM, then dry jelq in evening which is followed by strecthing exercise. So is it better to do all exercise in one go or in separate session
I don’t know about length but I am gaining some girth quickly. Is it because of dry jelq

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